Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pardon Me, Your Phone is Bleating

Kathy has some great questions- so let's play.
  1. Have you ever knit a Christmas Ornament?
  2. Have you ever knit with sparkle yarn?
  3. Did you buy yarn while traveling this year?
  4. When’s the last time you wore something you knit?
  5. Do you remember your dreams?
  6. What’s the one thing you don’t want to run out of?
  7. Deep dish or thin pizza?
  8. Name a favorite holiday music cd, or album for us oldies
  9. How do you remind yourself a candle has been lit?
  10. What’s the ringtone on your phone?

    This is my cell phone case.

    1. You know, I don't think I ever have.
    2. I have knit with sparkle yarn, but I don't think it was for a garment.
     3. I did buy yarn and fiber in Michigan in August.
    4. I wore some mittens and a hat this week.
    5. I do remember them because they are vivid and weird.
    6. I don't want to run out of milk for my tea. I will never run out of tea again because I did once and it was horrible.
    7. Thin pizza- Margherita, easy on the sauce. I don't like anything that is messy.
    8. Favorite is Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas music.
    9. I don't like to light candles as a rule, and only beeswax.
    10. Lol- the ringtone on my phone is a bleating sheep.

    Clawed thinks I should have a mewing kitty ringtone.




Chris said...

A bleating sheep! That's awesome. Mine's the X-Files theme. :D

Nicole said...

LOL, a sheep ringtone! I love it.

Such a sweet kitty, too!

I have crocheted and cross-stitched Christmas ornaments, but I don't think I've ever knit one.