Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dr. Who Festivus

This year I seem to be feeling the Christmas burnout a bit earlier than usual. All the cards are sent, most of the wrapping is done, and I think I'm on the final pair of socks... hard to tell, because I have made a ton of socks this year. I have sock stupor.

These are made from BMFA Socks That Rock Mediumweight in "Red Drone Dalek".
And here we have one on the tree- got this last year at Say Tea.
I have finished piecing this runner and will hopefully finish today.
This fat baby is taking advantage of FC's new hobby of birdwatching, and eating all the dropped seeds from the feeder. We did have a big dump of snow on Sunday- hope we have a white Christmas.
This other fat baby is hoping for Party Mix in his stocking.

Fleece out.


Gale Bulkley said...

We are so much alike. I too am suffering from Christmas burnout. Love the Dalek ornament.

Chris said...

Because of the 3 weeks I spent buried in disaster recovery, I'm suffering Christmas shock - as in, ack! How can it already be Christmas?! Amazon better be on its shipping game, because I did 98% of my Christmas shopping there yesterday.

Nicole said...

So did the little one get Party Mix in his stocking?

I tried something new this year: I didn't make any Christmas gifts. It was a refreshing change, but weird-feeling. I won't be doing that next year.

I love the socks! And the Dalek on your tree.