Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August is ending....and other cool stuff.

Well, how I know this is because the CNE is on (Cricket burger anyone?). My daughter will be there volunteering with her cat rescue, so hopefully alot of kitties will find new homes.

Last week FC and I hopped in the Rabbit (see what I did there?) and went to Michigan. FC was eager to go to the largest car museum in North America, and it didn't disappoint. A couple of highlights:
This is a 1937 Cord. I have always hoped to see one as I used to have a collection of Art Deco images and this car always featured. The headlights are opened by the driver with a crank inside. It also has a "coffin" hood.
This 1958 Corvette is beautiful in and of itself (check that olive metallic paint) but more interesting is that it was one of GM's  "Damsels of Design" cars that included seasonal seat covers, a compartment for your handbag and retractable seatbelts that wouldn't snag or catch on your clothes.

We got tons of pictures, so if you come over, I'm sure FC will be more than happy to show all 700 in a slideshow. Actually, it was pretty cool and we walked around for more than 4 hours.

We also went to the Michigan Fiber Festival- I got some fibre and not much else.

Every once in a while, I run across something special on Pinterest and last week I noticed this woman's art. Her name is Dee Nickerson, and I think her paintings are incredible.
Alot of her work features animals, knitting and everyday life. They are not "cutesy" but portray lone figures and friends and have a peace and calmness about them. I also love that they are not all sunny days, but walking in snow and doing ordinary activities. Check out the link. I ordered some cards as she doesn't have prints. I am enchanted.

Who besides me is happy to see this summer end? I don't even mind if we have a warmer autumn, as long as the blessed humidity goes away. I understand it's cooler in New Zealand during July and August. That's a consideration.

I'll have to arrange passports for the kitties.

Fleece out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Brought To You By The Letter "L"

The Ten On Tuesday is 10 things about you that feature your first initial.

1. I need Lots of sleep.
2. I Loathe summer. More like I hate heat and humidity.
3. Love animals.
4. Don't mind Laundry.
5. Love my daughter Laura.
6. I have Long hair. (being moon-faced, short hair looks terrible).
7. Laughing is my favorite thing.
8. I Live in the suburbs.
9. I drive a Little Volkswagon Rabbit. (small, but powerful).
10.If I don't get my tea in the morning, I am Likely to rip someones head off.

In weather news, we're about to be hit by the worst heatwave so far. I don't know how they can separate them, bad to worse, but apparently humidexes over 41 C. Another week indoors.

 If it was cooler, I would be purging and reorganizing this whole house (yes, sometimes I would like to purge the whole house...). We rearranged some furniture and brought this chest of drawers downstairs.
It now holds all my fabric and sewing supplies.  I am going to go through every drawer and cupboard here and toss all the stuff I'll never use, or have been hanging onto.

Next week FC and I are off to Michigan to attend (what else?) the Michigan Fiber Festival. 
This is a new one for me, as we've been to Fingerlakes 3 times, and Vermont once. Looks to be nice, and we're staying in Kalamazoo, where there is a cool car museum, so something for FC too.

In knitting news, it's status quo. Too hot to work on the Gansey, and all I have are some socks on the needles.  Hopefully there will be some cool inspiration at the festival.

I'm off to take Clawed for his shots. Stay cool and fleece out.
"neener, neener....we had our shots last year....."