Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ten On Tuesday-10 Things You Can Do To Beat The Heat

1. Move to Siberia.

That's all I have. The heat is getting to me, only today there is a reprieve. But this is Mad Dogs and Englishmen in the Noonday Sun weather. Something like 100% humidity. Need I say more?

I have been MIA since the end of June. In the midst of what was going on, I did some knitting, because that is what keeps me sane. Sane being a relative term, but I think things are getting back to normal.

Tour de Fleece simply didn't happen. But yes, there is always next year, and I will look forward to that. I did do a bit of spinning, in double drive, decided it was too fiddly (and my SR is touchy at the best of times) and put it back to Scotch tension.  All is right with my spinning world again.
It is too hot to work on my Filey, but I have finished the front patterned part and am onto the back.

I started a sock, using Socks That Rock "Christmas Balls"- (giggle)

Way back, I designed this Fair Isle. It is called "Scrub Oaks and Maples". For some reason I have been resisting writing this pattern, but most of it is done (heckofalot of math in a knitting pattern) and hope to publish in autumn.  I also have a free sock pattern to photograph, but the text is done.

...and in kittyland, the boys are bearing up under the heat. I have my helper, Mr. Valentino, and it looks to be a productive day.


Cheers and fleece out.


Gale Bulkley said...

Lovely sweater. What's Valentino helping you with?

Unknown said...

The UK seems cooler than the U.S. so when everyone was moaning that it was hot, we thought it wasn't bad as we had acclimated. Beautiful knits.

Bridget said...

I hear ya. This has been a terrible summer for heat, and I've been lucky to do things I absolutely have to do, much less anything else.

Looking forward to the change of seasons!

Have a good weekend.

Elka said...

I like the V-neck aspect of your sweater. I think I was writing just a while ago how we rarely see V-necks in traditionally knit garments. I like it Lorraine <3

Chris said...

I think there were 10 days straight when I had the air running, which might be a new record. Boo, humidity!

Does knitting socks from Christmas Bells yarn make you feel cooler?