Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things on Your Summer List

I probably won't be making a list. Not to say that I don't, because I make all kinds of them.  It's been hot, and today is nice and breezy, so I'm going to hang stuff out to dry. That's something I love to do in the summer.

This year's Tour de Fleece is running concurrently with la Tour de France, Saturday July 2 to 24th. I am spinning for Team Fat Cat, but I haven't decided what challenge to do. I have set my Schacht-Reeves up to spin in double-drive, as opposed to Scotch Tension, so maybe that will be it.
I do have alot of Fat Cat fibre in my stash, so hopefully I can choose something. I'm sure I can.
In Gansey news, I have split off for the front of Alex's Filey, but slow going since I am using a 2.75mm needle.  The joy is in the process.
I am still spinning my Three Waters Farm "Pragmatic Raconteur" BFL. I am on my 7th braid, and have plied 4.
Some rather bad cats on board here. Tino somehow thinks that Howard is the outside cat, and hisses and screeches at him.  I shudder to think what he would do if he ever got ahold of that one outside.

Ok- stay cool. I'm fleecin' out.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June Musings

Hard to believe we are in June, isn't it? The weather has been glorious, windy and cool-ish, also sunny, and then we get downpours.  But I am told this will be a hot summer, and this makes me grit my teeth.

Speaking of which, I had a dental cleaning yesterday. I get there, only to find that my regular girl has moved on. As I am being told this, I almost had a meltdown right there and then in the dentist's office. I wish her the best, of course, but she literally saved my teeth. She was fantastic. The replacement was fine, actually quite nice and professional- so that was something.  I must try and deal with change better.
Do you remember that line in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" ?
When George says to Martha:  I wish you would stop springing things on me.  That's what I thought of.

I told you that I received my 3rd skein of lace from BMFA.
 The edging chart on the pattern wasn't good. Yo's at the beginning of rows which I dislike. I found a better one in Heirloom knitting, so I started that.

I am almost to the underarm gusset and chest pattern on the Filey gansey.
I have been spinning. "Pragmatic Raconteur" in BFL, from Three Waters Farm.
I even dusted off the sewing machine and did some bags.

Valentino and Howard like to cram themselves onto the office chair. I don't know why Howard hasn't fallen off.
I guess that leaves Clawed out of the loop. 

Fleecin' out until next time.