Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The May Two-fer

We had our first holiday weekend of the summer, the May 24th long weekend. This year, some stuff got done, which is so cool.

 FC cleaned out the pond and refilled it. The tortoise pump is working, but he has to fix the fish. I think he'll see the wisdom of covering it up in fall after digging out all the sludge and draining it.
The front door was repainted "Hale Navy". My favorite colour. While I did have alot of comments on the Jack O Lantern orange, this is much more sophisticated. When the new door goes in, it will also be this colour.
The lily-of-the-valley is out in droves. Looks nice on the window with my sheep that I got as a gift.
In knitting news, not alot to report. I made some socks for Miss Mew for the Christmas box, and I got my new skein from BMFA to finish my shawl edging, but other than that, meh.
"hey mum, those are some far-out toenails...."
Fleecin' out.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Things Your Mother Made

Really?  I won't be doing this one, as my mother hated cooking, said so often, and was a fan of the "Snackin' Cake" (it even came with it's own pan to bake it in) and the overcooked peas, fried pork chops and canned veg. The smell of the steamed broccoli alone was vile- so let's not relive those particular memories.

In other news, I have been struggling with TMJ, and finally went to see the doc for some anti-inflammatories. Hopefully this will settle in a week or so, but I have been out of commission in terms of knitting and doing most things.

In case you think it's all down the u-bend, no no no. My darling sister and my dear friend gifted me with (wait for it.....) EMMA BRIDGEWATER!!!!!  Sheep!!!! The one on the left from my sister is Scottish Blackface and on the right is the Jacob from my buddy.  I can't take it. Now, I really need a huge kitchen dresser to put all my treasures in. Oh, and maybe a house large enough to have one.
Isn't this bowl the best?  I have a real thing for these chickens and roosters. I also got a tea towel with this on it. Say Tea is the nicest place ever.

In the official cat department- Miss Mew sent this:
"Chip and dip platters, not just for parties any more..."

Fleecin' out.