Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Do To Calm Down

I am like a duck- calm on the outside, but paddling like mad underneath. I don't tend to get as emotional as I used to, but when it happens:

1. A cup of tea. Or a whole pot.
2. Breathe deeply.
3. Wish I still smoked, so I could have a cigarette.
4. Knit.
5. Think of a nice place by the sea.
6. Sort out a drawer.
7. Throw out some stuff.
8. Think of people who have it so much worse.
9. Go for a walk.
10. Have a full-on, snotty cry.

Maybe I just take things more in my stride, and that's another benefit of maturing. 
This is the view of the backyard yesterday. It's cold, and we're supposed to be getting more snow later in the week. Would have been nice in December.
I have had this sheep footstool for a long time. I decided to get her a sheep bell and collar from a livestock supply place- looks amazing.
I spun some Polwarth from Into The Whirled. The colour is Pamukkale.
I am now spinning some Element#5 in BFL. The colours are electric!
I am going great guns on my Gansey- if you look closely you can see the initials over the ribbing.
Clawed says he really isn't chewing at that plant....

Fleecin' out.


Nicole said...

Tea and knitting. I can't think of much better to calm me down. And there's something about pouring tea out of a pot (instead of just brewing it in a cup) which is so much more calming.

Have a great day!

Gale Bulkley said...

Sure do like the spinning and the bell. As for the snow, well. It will go away far too soon and turn into summer. Wah.

Sel and Poivre said...

Omg initials in the Gansey!

I don't get phased by much of anything anymore either. 'Love being "old"!

Chris said...

Wait, what about petting kitties?!?! (Your addition to my calming down list. :D )

Unknown said...

I find a cup of tea does help! But I agree with Chris- petting kitties can help immeasurably :)

I love your gansey. Gorgeous colour.