Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Things You Have That Are Made of Wood

Good morning. I have had one of my sudden-change-of-weather headaches for the past 3 days. I can predict the weather better than any meteorologist out there. Having a fluffy kitty in your lap helps- it really does.

1.My Schacht-Reeves 30" Spinning wheel.This is Ash. FC got me this for my 50th birthday. I love it, it spins like a dream. Right hand flyer too.
2. Before my father retired, he took up woodworking. I asked him to make me a small bookshelf, and he did this in oak.
3. My dad also did 3 of these, in butternut. I really love it, and it is signed on the back.
4. Also notice, in the picture, an oak lamp (excuse the shade)- which is pure Arts & Crafts- from my sister.
5. This is the china cabinet from my dining room set. The biggest one I could find- in maple. Built by Mennonites (sort of like Amish).
6. My early inheritance from my BFF. It's an old ash laundry basket- looks like it's from a commercial laundry, and I love it. A treasure.
7. My Strauch skeinwinder/swift. This is oak, and it's wonderful.
8. My ballholder thing- in Marblewood.
9. These are my handmodels- you can move the fingers, and I like them just as decoration.

10. My strip hardwood floors.

I love wood- my grandfather was a carpenter who made beautiful things- clocks, signs, he was a master. My dad was really influenced by him, and I am happy to have a few of his pieces.

I've been doing a bit of spinning, and I finished these striped socks. Not much else to report.

Have a fantastic week, and hopefully this headache will have shifted by then.
Right, Clawed?

Fleece out.


Gale Bulkley said...

I really like those hand-models. Do you use them to draw?

Chris said...

Here's hoping your headache goes away very, very soon!

It's wonderful that you have things made by your family. :)