Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Some Toronto History...and knitting

Last year, through the generosity of my sister and her friends, I was able to do a photo shoot for one of my Fair Isle designs. It took place in the historic Studio Building in Toronto's Rosedale Valley.  The inspiration was this:
"The West Wind" was Tom Thomson's last full size painting before his mysterious death in Algonquin Park.  There was also a film made, and as I was watching it, I was struck by how powerful the art is.  So I came up with this:
And a bit later, was allowed to take pictures in one of the studios where, no doubt, Tom Thomson himself stood many years ago.
And the pattern is now available on Ravelry. 

So, here it is, March 1.  Looks as if we're going to be hit with a storm later today, but on Sunday it was 14C.  This has been a very odd winter.

I have been working on my Mountain Pines shawl and loving it. I have completed the center and picked up around the sides to do the edging. I seem to be a little tree-obsessed.

Mr. Clawed watches TV. I have seen him doing this many times, and I'm sure his favorite is Coronation Street.

Fleecin' out.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Beautiful pattern
I'm just an hour south of you, in Hamilton - it has been such a weird winter! We actually hit 17 degrees at one point on Sunday. Now I'm sitting here, awaiting the snow.

Gale Bulkley said...

My toes are cold. How about some socks in that beautiful new design? I too await the snow in Hamilton.

Chris said...

The hat and mittens are great - the little touch of purple works really well.

mrspao said...

Those are really beautiful. I agree with Gale - socks would be great :)

We have weird weather here - it was unseasonably warm here towards the end of last year and now it is very very cold!