Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Superstitions You Believe In

How about 5 I do believe and 5 I don't?

1. I won't have a Ouija board in the house.
2. Never put a hat on a bed.
3. Buildings shouldn't have a 13 floor.
4. Never turn the calendar page until the month is over. (I made that one up)
5. Rabbits are lucky- something to do with the ears.

6. I walk under ladders all the time.
7. Black cats are lucky- not unlucky.
8. crossing your fingers doesn't help.
9. Or your toes....
10. My nose is always itchy and I never come into money.

I have been experiencing some Spring Fever.  I want to throw out everything, but what I really should do is clear my closet of things I will never wear- but I am lacking the energy. I have some projects in various states of completion:
 I have cast on another gansey....
 I am on the second last border chart of Mountain Pines...
 I am also knitting a sock for free publication..
 Almost done this cross stitch pillow....
Doing some spinning....

 And here are some 6 day old babies that Miss Mew is fostering. Black cats are wonderful.

Fleece out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Things You Have That Are Made of Wood

Good morning. I have had one of my sudden-change-of-weather headaches for the past 3 days. I can predict the weather better than any meteorologist out there. Having a fluffy kitty in your lap helps- it really does.

1.My Schacht-Reeves 30" Spinning wheel.This is Ash. FC got me this for my 50th birthday. I love it, it spins like a dream. Right hand flyer too.
2. Before my father retired, he took up woodworking. I asked him to make me a small bookshelf, and he did this in oak.
3. My dad also did 3 of these, in butternut. I really love it, and it is signed on the back.
4. Also notice, in the picture, an oak lamp (excuse the shade)- which is pure Arts & Crafts- from my sister.
5. This is the china cabinet from my dining room set. The biggest one I could find- in maple. Built by Mennonites (sort of like Amish).
6. My early inheritance from my BFF. It's an old ash laundry basket- looks like it's from a commercial laundry, and I love it. A treasure.
7. My Strauch skeinwinder/swift. This is oak, and it's wonderful.
8. My ballholder thing- in Marblewood.
9. These are my handmodels- you can move the fingers, and I like them just as decoration.

10. My strip hardwood floors.

I love wood- my grandfather was a carpenter who made beautiful things- clocks, signs, he was a master. My dad was really influenced by him, and I am happy to have a few of his pieces.

I've been doing a bit of spinning, and I finished these striped socks. Not much else to report.

Have a fantastic week, and hopefully this headache will have shifted by then.
Right, Clawed?

Fleece out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Some Toronto History...and knitting

Last year, through the generosity of my sister and her friends, I was able to do a photo shoot for one of my Fair Isle designs. It took place in the historic Studio Building in Toronto's Rosedale Valley.  The inspiration was this:
"The West Wind" was Tom Thomson's last full size painting before his mysterious death in Algonquin Park.  There was also a film made, and as I was watching it, I was struck by how powerful the art is.  So I came up with this:
And a bit later, was allowed to take pictures in one of the studios where, no doubt, Tom Thomson himself stood many years ago.
And the pattern is now available on Ravelry. 

So, here it is, March 1.  Looks as if we're going to be hit with a storm later today, but on Sunday it was 14C.  This has been a very odd winter.

I have been working on my Mountain Pines shawl and loving it. I have completed the center and picked up around the sides to do the edging. I seem to be a little tree-obsessed.

Mr. Clawed watches TV. I have seen him doing this many times, and I'm sure his favorite is Coronation Street.

Fleecin' out.