Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Can Do to Serve Others

We're in the middle of a cold snap.  Everyone, it seems, is complaining about it. I feel like shouting "IT'S JANUARY". I am loving it, personally.

I don't know that I can make a list on this weeks subject, because I really feel that what we do in our everyday lives is what is important.  I think if we only slowed down a little and remember that we are not the only one inhabiting the planet, that we could show kindness and empathy, and the world would be that much better.  Manners are what separate us humans from beasts- and what does it cost? Absolutely nothing. So allow someone into your lane when driving, open a door for someone, help someone who seems to be struggling- an older person trying to cross a street. Say thank you to the cashier (not an easy job) and allow someone to have a seat on the bus. Little things.
I have plied and washed my spinning from last week. I got 373 yds- love the colours in this.
This week I am spinning some fine, soft BFL from BeeMiceElf fibers. The colour is maple, and it is a deep magenta pink with a hint of gold, and I want to make a shawl- Niantic Rose with it.

I am coming along swimmingly (see what I did there..?) on my Whitby Gansey. I am almost finished the front, which is done back and forth after the split for the gusset. Fascinating.
Our Blogbuddy-Sel & Poivre.showed some tempting yarn on her blog, and as I was going down to Romni Wools to exchange a needle, I happened to pick some up. It's truly beautiful BFL spun in Yorkshire. These are the natural shades in the DK, but there is also dyed, and some bulky.
Valentino (right) is not aware that Clawed is lying next to him, or he wouldn't be there. But I guess that blanket is so soft, who could resist?

Fleecin' out.


Gale Bulkley said...

I really agree with you with respect to manners and every day behaviour. Your spinning sure is pretty. As are the laid back boys.

Chris said...

Oh, Valentino - you could be sharing warmth!