Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Bowie Songs

Too bad and very sad to hear of his death.  He was the guy who made androgyny okay.

1. Ashes to Ashes.
2. What In the World
3. Space Oddity
4. Heroes
5. Sound and Vision
6. Ziggy Stardust
7. Jean Genie
8. Starman
9. TVC15
10. Wild Is The Wind

He worked with people like Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Rick Wakeman - too many to mention. When he started going disco I stopped listening. But he was a man of many faces and was who he needed to be at the time. A master of reinvention. RIP, Thin White Duke.

I just realized this is my first post of 2016.  I am really loving this time of year. No more crowds or craziness.
I am at an exciting point in my Whitby  Gansey, the top part of the patterning.  What you see between the stitch markers is the bottom of the underarm gusset, which gives the sweater wonderful ease of movement when you wear it. Of course, you aren't supposed to call it a sweater, it's a Guernsey, Jersey or Knit-frock.  I hope to make more of these because I am loving it so much. They are done at a tight gauge and we'll see how long this one takes.      
In the past few weeks I have been spinning alot, and I'm still going. I bought this Polwarth from Winterhaven Farm at the Fingerlakes Fiber Festival. It's called Fairytale- gorgeous.

Clawed likes to sit on my lap when I'm doing e-mails and stuff.  He is such a little character- and makes me laugh all the time.

So I'll be fleecin'-


Bridget said...

Wow that Whitby is going to be AMAZING!

(I'm guessing it's for you and not Clawed ... )

Chris said...

Aw, Clawed. :D

My 2 favorite Bowie songs are "Space Oddity" and "I'm Afraid of Americans"...

Gale Bulkley said...

Where are the days going? Clawed is so cute.

Coasterdude02149 said...

That sweater is looking AMAZING! You're intent on pushing me over the edge, what with goading me to do this and knowing I have 2 Jinny Beyer quilts in then making. Beautiful job you're doing on that! Can't wait to see it done.

Hey, does Clawed have any Korat in him? He's got some features that remind me of the Korat. Smart cats!