Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Lost Week(end)

This week has been a bit of a lost cause, as FC is home working on major issues at work (figure that one out) and therefore, my creativity is suppressed.  I really wanted to get the presents wrapped and the tree and lights up- but it's not looking good.

I just got home from having my annual physical- which in itself is not bad. I like my doctor, and I don't need to have any invasive procedures done. It was not a surprise to me that I am overweight and need to address that, because it will impact my blood pressure and joints.  Other than that, I am healthy and since FC is in the same boat, we're in it together.  Of course, we know what happens at this time of year (marzipan) and with all the chocolate and stuff, but I can make a start.  Eating after dinner is a big problem and FC likes sugary drinks- so I will have herbal tea and he can do without.  You don't learn new habits, but replace bad ones. So I'm told.

I did do a few things. There has been an addition to the extended family and any excuse to knit with pink baby yarn:
The pattern is free on Ravelry, Cascade.
I also made a small hat with a tiny Rose at the top, in honour of her middle name.

Here are the blocked Frostrosen mittens, and I didn't go back and fix the palm. Who the hell is going to notice?
I got one of a pair of handspun socks done. I actually dyed these myself, and they're ok. Sonny O doesn't take much notice what colour his socks are.

Which brings me to some thoughts I have about what I don't get about knitting:

1. Why do people knit skirts? It is THE worst garment because of the stretch and it always hugs your balloon butt and sags at the hem.  I have yet to see an attractive one.

2. What is the point of yarn bombing? It's not attractive and my practical side says it's a waste of time and effort. Perhaps not materials, but I still am not seeing the point of it.

3. Magic loop.  Alot of to-ing and fro-ing for no reason. If you can use dpn's then you really don't need to Magic loop. I've been told I should learn it- and you know, I don't get why. If you do, then that's great, but I have gone this long and have done just fine.

4. Toe-up socks. I guess the theory is you can adjust the length of the leg depending on how much yarn you have, but I haven't ever had that issue. The cast on is fiddly and not enjoyable, and I have reverse engineered a few patterns and done them top-down. No biggie.

5. Intarsia. A pain in the behind.  I have done it for childrens' sweaters, but I really don't care for it.  So I avoid it unless I can get around it and do duplicate stitch.

Maybe I have been knitting a long time and am stuck in my ways.  I always try to give certain techniques and yarns a go when I feel it can improve my skills. But alot of it- not sure if they are actual improvements.  There is more than one way to skin a ....

Fleecin' out.


mrspao said...

I've still not managed to master toe-up socks - they don't go well for me so I gave up.

My friend does make a lovely knitted skirt but it is in panels which are crocheted together and have a swing to them so they are more skimmy than anything else. Like this one https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/246121268/sale-price-alpaca-and-bamboo-skirt-can?ref=shop_home_active_20

Gale Bulkley said...

Oh Lorraine, your knitting is so nice. Love, love, love that sweet baby sweater and hat.
Magic loop isn't for me either - I found it to be a real pain. I'll choose dpn's or straights as long as it's possible to achieve the goal. In general, if I can avoid using a circular needle I'll do it.

Monika said...

After I turned 50 last year, and had reached an all time high weight, I started on a fat loss journey on December 17 of last year. Weirdest time to start something like that, because as you said, all those goodies!!! But I could not put if off any longer.
So much has changed during this past year. I've lost weight, but only half of what I need to lose. I will continue though, it's hard, but I'm determined. I wish you well!

And oh my god, I agree with all 5 points regarding knitting! :o)

Chris said...

LOL! I feel about top-down socks the same way you feel about toe-up socks. I probably use a different cast-on, though. I agree about magic loop, but dpns are not my friend. I use two circulars instead. :D

Anonymous said...

Your points about knitting...my list exactly!! It will not budge anyone who does those things but.... Mary in Cincinnati