Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And we're off.....

I get emails from certain retailers- alot of which I have unsubscribed to, because it's really a bunch of BUYBUYBUY!!!!!!  One even had the audacity to advertise their Spring line, and you know, it made my heart shrink ten sizes too small.

Why does everyone do this? Boxing week (used to be Boxing Day) sales aren't even over, and now we're supposed to rush out and fill our closets with swimsuits and cruisewear?  Please.

We had a lovely Christmas. No one went overboard, (barring, perhaps the 26 lb turkey)- and I think we took some time to buy gifts that were meaningful and thoughtful.  Let's face it, as much as we all say that Christmas is for kids, we all love to get and give gifts. But you don't need to go crazy.
I did get some Karbonz needles, a new book, which I look forward to reading, as well as a kit from
The Shetland Museum and Archives- a fantastic source for all things wonderful.
Miss Mew got me this Toggenburg goat creamer from Quail. I think in the interest of preserving those ears, I should find another place for him, but isn't it wonderfully silly?
This is probably what alot of us feel like, some Grinch crushed into the sofa.

But Clawed is enjoying his toys- he had a great time.

See you in 2016-


Gale Bulkley said...

Your new jug is fantastic.

mrspao said...

Happy New Year!

We have ridiculous amounts of sales here. I got sale emails on Christmas Day!

Scritches to all the kitties :)

Bridget said...

It even annoys me more when the sale ads get to you on December 20th!

Oh wow the jug is amazing ...

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

That jug IS completely amazing!! :D Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Here's to a wonderful new year for all of us. :)