Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Are Grateful For Right Now

Since I am in Canada, I am assuming the T on T prompt is for Thanksgiving.  I think we'll leave it for our friends to the south. Actually, I am grateful that I'm not cooking another turkey.

In Chez Sheriff news, I have a new sofa, and the old one found a new home. I really loved the old one- the kids were kids when I got it 10 years ago, but it still will do nicely at my sister's house.
The new one is navy blue wide wale corduroy (Miss Mew says it reminds her of a pair of pants I made her wear as a kid).  I got co-ordinating pillows made in a bird print, and a matching ottoman. FC painted the walls "Late Wheat".
 I am knitting the thumbs of my Frostrosen Mittens (and I see I made an error on the palm pattern, aaaargh!)
 Made some project bags for Christmas.
 This is funny.  I found this cat toy that comes with pouches of catnip that you can put in the rabbit's pants. At Wal Mart.
And finally, we have a pic of the "Tinstigator" who is tutoring the kitten in the art of sneaking into the crawlspace.

Fleecin' out.


Gale Bulkley said...

Tinstigator! Snort!
Where did you get the sofa. I love it and we need new ones.

mrspao said...

Hehehe :) That's brilliant - Tinstigator! I love your new sofa - it is really pretty :) Lovely projects, too. The mittens are particularly lovely.

Chris said...

The new sofa looks very comfy. Why is it we only see mistakes long, long after we've made them?! ARGH.

Heh about the kitty nickname.

Nicole said...

Love the mittens! Finding mistakes is always annoying... can you pretend it's supposed to do that? A design feature instead of a flaw? ;)

Happy December!