Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Are Grateful For Right Now

Since I am in Canada, I am assuming the T on T prompt is for Thanksgiving.  I think we'll leave it for our friends to the south. Actually, I am grateful that I'm not cooking another turkey.

In Chez Sheriff news, I have a new sofa, and the old one found a new home. I really loved the old one- the kids were kids when I got it 10 years ago, but it still will do nicely at my sister's house.
The new one is navy blue wide wale corduroy (Miss Mew says it reminds her of a pair of pants I made her wear as a kid).  I got co-ordinating pillows made in a bird print, and a matching ottoman. FC painted the walls "Late Wheat".
 I am knitting the thumbs of my Frostrosen Mittens (and I see I made an error on the palm pattern, aaaargh!)
 Made some project bags for Christmas.
 This is funny.  I found this cat toy that comes with pouches of catnip that you can put in the rabbit's pants. At Wal Mart.
And finally, we have a pic of the "Tinstigator" who is tutoring the kitten in the art of sneaking into the crawlspace.

Fleecin' out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Places Where You Hang Out

I can't name 10, because I don't really hang out much except where I knit, and the kitchen where I cook every day. I guess you could say I hang at bookstores, but not really.

I said I would have some FO's to show, but really I have finished only one thing.  I got some knitting done watching the annual  Santa Claus Parade, and this year the floats were really amazing.  Too bad it was so warm out, because it needs to be cold to be really good.

I've finished another Ka'ana Shawlette, in Blue Moon Twisted "Huegasmic".  I really love neon brights in winter, and this is a free pattern on Ravelry.
I have done a Frostrosen mittens, using Rauma Finullgarn.  Making these mittens using the authentic yarn used in Norway is a wonderful knitting experience.  Also, notice the DPN's- a friend recommended the Karbonz.  They are unbelievable and I really hope you try them and see what I mean.
I am also spinning a boatload of BFL that I dyed up in the summer.  

TinBad the Sailor.  He has been showing the kitten how to do bad things.  Doesn't he get that Santa Clause is Coming To Town?

Fleece out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No-FO November

But look around
Leaves are brown
and the sky
is a hazy shade of Winter

It's overcast today (spelled that overcats), and a typical November day. Not really too cold, and this is weather I really love.  Not quite all the maple leaves are down, so you walk through all the dried up ones, and there is a beautiful smell of autumn. 

Not alot to report around here.  We're in the middle of re-doing the tv room, which is not a basement, this being a split level.  I am just waiting for my new sofa to get here and I'll do a reveal.  I will show you my new lamp, which I stalked the Costco site for.
I always wanted a dragonfly one- this is perfect. 

I think I pretty much have most of my Christmas things done, except for cookies and stuff. Next week is the parade, and I can just about deal with the constant commercials and stuff. I think it's a bit much when they don't even wait for Halloween to be over.  Kind of obscene even.
Clawed this morning. Last week he gave me a scare and stopped eating. His stomach was upset and I had to take him to the vet. I now suspect he was eating Christmas cactus- and it took a few days before he was better.  Now I have to get rid of some plants and put the rest up high where they can't get at them. Never a dull moment around here.
Howard and Tino on outside-strange-cat watch.  If I was that cat I would get a ticket to Alaska and never come back.

Hope to show you some knitted FO's next time.

Fleece out.