Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday... no 10.

I am posting because I seem to be used to doing this on Tuesdays. I don't remember what the prompt was, but anyway, there is no list.

I am loving the cooler weather, and of course, it's Halloween on Saturday.  I adore the smell of pumpkins and burning wood and leaves- they should bottle it and sell it.

The knitting mojo was here for a while and seems to have disappeared.  I have been re-thinking my yarn stash situation and have come to the conclusion that there are many things in there that I have lost interest in.  Wollmeise? Meh.  Laceweight merino? Meh.  Dale of Norway? Blech.  Or maybe it's just general apathy with knitting. Could that happen?

This is a brand new book by a columnist at the Globe & Mail, Ian Brown.  The link will take you to an excerpt from it, and it chronicles his 61st year of age.  I really like him, and his humour and he brings up a number of subjects and facts on the aging process.  Highly recommended.

 I made this Chihuahua for Alex for Christmas. Last year he really liked his Wumpus so he's getting this.
I dyed and spun some BFL/Nylon and made these socks too.
Clawed is giving us a wink. He is the most darling, entertaining and loving of kittens.

Fleece out for now- and Happy Halloween!


Gale Bulkley said...

Oh yes that mojo can be capricious. Love the knitted beastie and socks. The furred beastie is, of course, delightful.

Chris said...

*scritches Clawed*

Oh yeah about knitting mojo. I knit like a fiend from last October through February or so, then - nada. Maybe getting rid of some of that excess yarn will help?

Anonymous said...

I love the Chihuahua! What's a Wumpus? I'll have to scroll back and see if I can find it. Beautiful yarn you spun and dyed!!! Your post got me in gear and once I get back from the chiropractor this morning, I'm sitting down to do some needle punch on my Bernina. Us creatives need to have our own corner of the world somewhere where nobody else is allowed to be. I just cant manage in this crazy day to day anymore. Keep you chin up!

mrspao said...

Clawed looks like immense fun!

mrspao said...

Clawed is a sweetie!

Brigitte said...

Hello Clawed, you look like a big bunch o' love.

Can I tell you? I'm clearing out the ol' stash room right now, and man, why do I have this stuff? I don't know that it's general apathy for knitting, I think it's more the projects I've been working on have left me disinterested...

And shhhhh...I've been exploring the world of...crochet.