Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallowe'en 2015

This years pumpkin on the porch. Don't get too scared!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday... no 10.

I am posting because I seem to be used to doing this on Tuesdays. I don't remember what the prompt was, but anyway, there is no list.

I am loving the cooler weather, and of course, it's Halloween on Saturday.  I adore the smell of pumpkins and burning wood and leaves- they should bottle it and sell it.

The knitting mojo was here for a while and seems to have disappeared.  I have been re-thinking my yarn stash situation and have come to the conclusion that there are many things in there that I have lost interest in.  Wollmeise? Meh.  Laceweight merino? Meh.  Dale of Norway? Blech.  Or maybe it's just general apathy with knitting. Could that happen?

This is a brand new book by a columnist at the Globe & Mail, Ian Brown.  The link will take you to an excerpt from it, and it chronicles his 61st year of age.  I really like him, and his humour and he brings up a number of subjects and facts on the aging process.  Highly recommended.

 I made this Chihuahua for Alex for Christmas. Last year he really liked his Wumpus so he's getting this.
I dyed and spun some BFL/Nylon and made these socks too.
Clawed is giving us a wink. He is the most darling, entertaining and loving of kittens.

Fleece out for now- and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Did This Weekend

If I can concentrate through the turkey stupor, I can come up with 10:

1. Cooked a turkey with all the fixins.

2. Celebrated my 29th wedding anniversary (well, FC gave me a card....)
3. Went to an amazing book sale place with FC, Miss Mew and the FN (Favorite Niece). It was unbelievable, and we literally had a cart full.

4. Watched the second season of Miranda.  Love her.

5. Laundry- lots of it.

6. Nope, the brain just can't get in gear.

I wish I had some knitting to show you, but I don't really.  I have finished one sock for FC and am working on a scarf for a gift, but that;s about it.
Here we have the Junior Birder/Squirreler sitting in the NEW WINDOWS.  I think they are way more thrilled than any of us, and we're pretty thrilled. When the windows are closed you hear absolutely nothing- what a difference. They are capped on the outside, so no more scarping and painting.

Here's to a short week- fleecin' out.