Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Did This Weekend

As the weather was unbearably hot this past Labour day weekend, I didn't do much outside.

1. I started a Sheep Heid tam for a gift.

2. Went grocery shopping.

3. Did alot of laundry.

4. Watched some movies.

5. Did more laundry. For Sonny-O.

Clearly, I'm not going to torture anyone else with 5 more mundane items.  It did occur to me that for the 3 people that live here, there seems to be alot of washing, but maybe that's because I'm the one that does it?

It is back to school day for the kids, and it really doesn't have that nice feel of autumn coming.  It used to be so cool to see your friends and find out what they did all summer. Maybe you had a new outfit or shoes- I used to look forward to it.  I always did better with a routine.

Is anyone planning to visit any knitting and/or fiber events this year?  Last year we went to Vermont Sheep and Wool, and in past years I have attended the Fingerlakes one, which is awesome. We do have a few local events, the larger ones being KW Knitters Fair and Woodstock Fleece Festival.  I really prefer the ones in the US.  Next year, I may see what's happening in Massachusetts or Maine.  Maybe New Hampshire. Since I have been to the Dutchess County aka Rhinebeck festival, I can say that I much prefer the smaller events.

So, while I wait for cooler weather, I will make some plans for what I want to do this year to get out and enjoy it.  Daily walks (a dog sure would come in handy...) and some yard work.  New windows will be installed in late October, and of course, Thanksgiving. And my favorite, Halloween. Maybe I will make bat cookies this year.
I did finish my Monkey socks.
And Howard is wanting to know when the cooler weather will be here.

Fleece out until next time.

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