Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Are Looking Forward to Eating Now That Fall is Almost Here

Food.  That's one of the things my life revolves around. Planning, shopping, cooking  and eating.  Onto the ten:

1. Squash- Butternut and Acorn are my favorites. I am going to make some stuffed ones with rice, because I adore squash.

2. Pumpkin pie- nice and spicy.

3. Pumpkin lattes- well, you sort of have to, but half sweet.

4. Pumpkin Pie bread- I wouldn't use as much oil- you can use applesauce for some of it. Top it with pumpkin seeds.

5. Roasts- beef, pork, chicken. I like putting a roast in on Sunday and having a nice dinner with gravy.

6. Caramel apples- hard to find but I love them.

7. Slow cooker stuff. Chicken curry, Sweet and Sour chicken- those ones you put in early in the day.

8. Soups- Broccoli, Cauliflower, Chicken- mmmmm.

9. Nice crusty bread- best if homemade.  I should do that.

10. Turkey. I actually love it. The dark meat.

In knitting news, I began a cardigan with some Peace Fleece.  I was beyond bored, and didn't like the pattern, so I frogged it. I was mooching around for something to work on, so I settled on some socks for the Christmas box. 
I dyed some BFL/Nylon a few months ago.  I am getting back to spinning here and there.
I also finished my Dottie Angel frock. There were some changes I made to the pattern as I said before, but this is a simple dress that can be worn as a tunic over leggings.  With a long sleeve top it can be worn in cooler weather too. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it.
I went cat shopping and came across these Yeowww Stinkies.  They are available at Pet Valu and I will get some more for the kitty Christmas stockings.
It will be Clawed's first Christmas. He likes to sit in my lap while I am on the desktop.

Fleece out, and abundant pumpkins to all.


Gale Bulkley said...

Nice dress. Six and Tikka love those toys. I'll be over to eat/drink squash like things on Saturday.

Chris said...

Pumpkin bread! Pumpkin pie! YUM. Not so much the pumpkin spice lattes - the mix itself has dairy in it, so even getting one made with soy doesn't really help.