Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rockin' Rooster

I almost didn't post today. I had a major cleaning done on my teeth and my mouth is sore. Turns out I need a crown done on a tooth that had root canal, and I'm to see the hygienist every 4 months instead of every six. I console myself by the thought of having dentures, which would be worse than any cleaning imaginable.  So there's that.
I received my Simplicity pattern, as well as some fabric. I will be making a dress as well as a tunic. I have some other sewing projects to finish up, so things are moving along.

I've been working on a pair of Monkey socks too. This is probably the oldest sock yarn I have in my stash, and there's a bit of history on it.  One of the times I went to Stitches Midwest there was an entire wall of Socks That Rock in The Fold's booth.  Before I could reach for the skein I wanted (Rooster Rock) this woman grabbed it. I was pretty narked, until I saw that she put it down and walked over to another display. I immediately picked it up and had it in the crook of my arm so no one could see, and then I noticed her looking around for it.  The moral: don't mess with me at a yarn show. Nice colour, huh?

We are having some really cool weather, and of course the inherent bitching by people that summer is over. It is not, there will be warm days ahead. I just can't face people on the news complaning if it isn't over 100 F.  If that's what they like, why spend 10 months out of the year complaining? Just move to a warmer climate and put up with hurricanes and monsoons.  There. That's MY rant!

I came across another retailer in the UK that sells linen tunics. Some nice stuff and decent prices. I am happy to say that I don't need to buy a thing for fall and winter, much less the summer after.  I won't have to think about clothes or shoes for quite a while. Except when I do.

This week is Miss Mew's birthday, and I need to do some yard work. We have ordered new windows for the house at great expense, but needed to be done. 
I took this picture of my beloved Valentino when I looked up and saw him staring at me from his perch on the windowsill. Napping all day sure does tire a guy out.

Fleecin' til next time.


Gale Bulkley said...

Your fabrics are pretty. Thanks for the new linen tunic link.

Chris said...

LOL - I think that must be Valentino's "Why are you so close and taking a picture?!" face!

*mental note not to get between Lorraine and a skein of yarn she wants*

I'm heading to the dentist this afternoon... O.o

mrspao said...

My friend is making the exact same pattern as you :) I love your monkey socks!