Sunday, August 9, 2015

Country Mouse, City Mouse

The 10 on Tuesday prompt last week was 10 things you like about the city/country.  I can't come up with 10 so how about 5 of each and that takes care of the coming Tuesday as well.

City mouse:
1. The iconic Toronto Streetcar.  The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) includes the subway, buses, as well as the streetcars.  I am old enough to remember the classic ones, which can sometimes still be seen in out-of-the-way places.
They were so cool.
This is what you will see now.  However, they are being phased out for these:
Aren't they ugly?  They have lots of problems too. Newer isn't always better.

2. Toronto has distinct districts- the Annex, Swansea, the Junction, Leaside, the Beach, Leslieville, Queen West, Liberty Village, Parkdale.... the list goes on. I am more familiar with the west end, I grew up in areas around High Park.  There are some cool neighborhoods- like Church-Wellesley and Kensington Market. 

3. Ethnic diversity is a hallmark of Toronto.  Any kind of food you can possibly imagine is available here, and you'll get good and cheap, as well as high end and pricey.

4. Shopping.  Toronto has alot of malls, as well as shopping districts.

5. I haven't mentioned the city of Mississauga, although that is the city I live in.  Toronto will always be my home, but like most people I can neither afford to live there, nor do I really want to.  Things have really changed, and there are so many condos going up, you almost can't recognize it anymore.

Country Mouse

1. We lived in a rural village for a brief time.  You can see the stars at night because there is no light pollution. (yes, that is a thing).

2. I made some good friends, and am still in touch with one, though she no longer lives in the area.

3. It snows alot, and I love snow.

4. Lots of animals you don't really see in the burbs.  Though foxes and rabbits are here now.

5. Fresh air and less noise and traffic.

There are pros and cons to both, so we compromised and live in a suburban area.  I can pretty much get to what I need and I am near the waterfront, so it's all good.

On the knitting front, I have made a few gifts:
This bunny is for a friend- guess I've blown the surprise if she's reading this.
Little Cotton Rabbits (see sidebar) came out with a kitty pattern, and a certain Miss Mew is having a birthday at the end of the month.  This design is wonderful, but getting the muzzle right is a bit tricky.
I have finished this squirrel cross stitch finally. It is the companion to the rabbit one:
I will have them both framed when I get a sugar daddy.
Me and the little guy. We are having so much fun with Clawed. Why can't they be this age forever?

Fleece out.


Chris said...

Re Toronto and condos - here it's apartment buildings, but yeah. It's CRAZY. Ugh.

Aw, Clawed. :D *scritches*

Nicole said...

Good points on both sides! I do agree so much with the ethnic food diversity in a city.

Love the cross stitch! Seeing your projects makes me want to get back to mine...

edeemarla said...

I would love to think I know who your good friend from "rural" days is...
and if you ever find a piggy pattern,I would pay you for one of your knitted treasures...xo

edeemarla said...

and ps...Clawed looks exactly like Zachie did when he was a kitten

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the old streetcars. In Philadelphia, they were tan and green. Went to high school four years in them.

mrspao said...

I'm a part-city, part-country mouse now. Work in city, live in country :)

I am very much in love with Clawed! What a great name.