Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion

I am not. But I like the song by the Kinks.

It is a Tuesday, a hot muggy one. We are in the middle of a string of humid and hot days, and I, for one, am pretty much done with it.  But let's get onto my subject of clothes and why I think they can be important.

You know when you're younger, you're trying to find your style. Bear in mind that I grew up in the David Bowie and Blondie years, and yes, I did have platinum hair for a time. And glitter eye shadow (heck, I still have glitter eye shadow....). Disco, punk, shoulder pads- it was kind of crazy.

One thing I did notice was that flashy wasn't my thing. My clothes were somewhat conservative, but I would add a crazy brooch or maybe some fun shoes (gave up heels and platforms early). I worked in an office and we dressed for work. Skirts and blouses, dress pants, that kind of thing. Never revealing, that isn't me.

One advantage to the aging process is that you care much less about what others think, and tend to find yourself. It's not about attracting others, but more feeling comfortable in your own world.  You know what you like, but more important- you also know what you DON'T like.

I tend to think about clothes maybe twice a year. Autumn and Spring.  I am happy to notice that there are more options for the more well-seasoned individual (over 18).  All those magazines and things are geared for the young. I am totally fine with that.  They're not geared to my age group, and besides we're past all of that.

Lately I am sort of pleased to see the leggings/tunic combo coming back. Sort of- because what I notice is that alot of women don't seem to understand that leggings are an undergarment meant to have the derriere COVERED by a longer skirt or tunic.  No one really wants to see your lumps and bumps (cottage-cheese ass) or panty lines.  Unless you're my daughter, but even she doesn't. Skinny jeans, same thing- they don't flatter. Unless you're 12.

My friend introduced me to Gudrun. Gudrun Sjoden is from Sweden, and her clothes can be worn by pretty much anyone. I love the colours and sense of artiness. If I had money I would buy all my clothes from her. But I do have a few genuine Gudruns:
I bought this a few seasons ago and haven't worn it- it the "Jane" dress, after Jane Morris, wife of William.  I am looking for some purple leggings and I am wearing it. Red isn't usually my colour, but this was meant to be mine.  I also have a blue tunic that I have worn quite a bit, and have blue striped witchy-poo leggings that go with it.

This past summer, in Oakville, my clever friend also came across a shop that sells European linen, and we fell hard- especially for the linen dresses and tunics. 
I have a frigging closet full. When they went on sale at 50% off, I lost it.

So other than that, I refuse to give up my denim skirts, Henley waffle tops, and even my overalls (dungarees) which currently don't fit me. Boyfriend jeans are a staple.   I have a couple of L.L. Bean Barn coats, some classic wellies and penny-loafers. And don't forget the Birks- I live in them.  But if it isn't comfortable, it won't make it.
Classic, casual and comfortable.  If the retailers think that us over 30's (40's, 50's...) don't make up a huge percentage of the clothes-buying public- they're way off. And judging by the dearth of good clothes out there that don't cost the earth, somebody is sure missing the boat.

I was interested to find out that there is a name for it- "Lagenlook" which in German means "layered look".  Look here, and here 

Are you on Instagram?  I just joined, more to post cat pictures for myself (like I need more of those..). But you will notice some trends, and lately, this has been making the rounds:
It's called "Granny Chic"- and I love how one witty lady said: "but what will it look like on an actual granny?".  Simplicity isn't readily available here, but thanks to the interwebs, it's on it's way here as I type.  A visit to the fabric shop, my new serger and I now have the wherewithall.

I picked these up on a recent trip to Stratford. They're by a company called "Quail"- and I would kill for the Toggenburg goat creamer.
In Clawdie-Bobo news, he has doubled in size. He likes to lay in my lap while I type, so is a bit of a Klingon.  It's ok, I loves him.

Fleecin' out until next time.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ha! My friends and I were just having a conversation about "what's with all the bare legging butt" going on these days? I was a child of the '90s when it was leggings, oversized sweater, matching socks and scrunchie - and you weren't leaving the house unless that sweater covered your bum!

I too was happy to see them come back - I've got some yarn stashed for a gorgeous lace tunic to knit.... just gotta get a few WIPs done.

Bridget said...

I completely agree with you - I have no problem with leggings or even if people want to wear skinny jeans - but cover your butt, people! Ugh.

That red is gorgeous.

I love leggings and tunics, worn properly. But I agree, it's hard to find nice, comfy, inexpensive clothing if you are over 16 ...

Kitty face for the win!!!

Chris said...

I'm jeans and t-shirts all the way, with hoodies added in the winter. Wild times, wild time.

The biggest thing I remember about fashion in the 80s - cutting out all those friggin' shoulder pads. I have nice square shoulders. Shoulder pads make me look like a linebacker. UGH.

mrspao said...

I agree with the derreire being covered up. I don't understand the letting it all show thing..!

I am in love with your kitties!

WendyKnits said...

I just spent $402 at Gudrun Sjoden. This is SO your fault! Thank you for mentioning Gudrun -- I loved almost everything there!

Gale Bulkley said...

I love those clothes over at Gudrun. Thanks for the link.