Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rockin' Rooster

I almost didn't post today. I had a major cleaning done on my teeth and my mouth is sore. Turns out I need a crown done on a tooth that had root canal, and I'm to see the hygienist every 4 months instead of every six. I console myself by the thought of having dentures, which would be worse than any cleaning imaginable.  So there's that.
I received my Simplicity pattern, as well as some fabric. I will be making a dress as well as a tunic. I have some other sewing projects to finish up, so things are moving along.

I've been working on a pair of Monkey socks too. This is probably the oldest sock yarn I have in my stash, and there's a bit of history on it.  One of the times I went to Stitches Midwest there was an entire wall of Socks That Rock in The Fold's booth.  Before I could reach for the skein I wanted (Rooster Rock) this woman grabbed it. I was pretty narked, until I saw that she put it down and walked over to another display. I immediately picked it up and had it in the crook of my arm so no one could see, and then I noticed her looking around for it.  The moral: don't mess with me at a yarn show. Nice colour, huh?

We are having some really cool weather, and of course the inherent bitching by people that summer is over. It is not, there will be warm days ahead. I just can't face people on the news complaning if it isn't over 100 F.  If that's what they like, why spend 10 months out of the year complaining? Just move to a warmer climate and put up with hurricanes and monsoons.  There. That's MY rant!

I came across another retailer in the UK that sells linen tunics. Some nice stuff and decent prices. I am happy to say that I don't need to buy a thing for fall and winter, much less the summer after.  I won't have to think about clothes or shoes for quite a while. Except when I do.

This week is Miss Mew's birthday, and I need to do some yard work. We have ordered new windows for the house at great expense, but needed to be done. 
I took this picture of my beloved Valentino when I looked up and saw him staring at me from his perch on the windowsill. Napping all day sure does tire a guy out.

Fleecin' til next time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion

I am not. But I like the song by the Kinks.

It is a Tuesday, a hot muggy one. We are in the middle of a string of humid and hot days, and I, for one, am pretty much done with it.  But let's get onto my subject of clothes and why I think they can be important.

You know when you're younger, you're trying to find your style. Bear in mind that I grew up in the David Bowie and Blondie years, and yes, I did have platinum hair for a time. And glitter eye shadow (heck, I still have glitter eye shadow....). Disco, punk, shoulder pads- it was kind of crazy.

One thing I did notice was that flashy wasn't my thing. My clothes were somewhat conservative, but I would add a crazy brooch or maybe some fun shoes (gave up heels and platforms early). I worked in an office and we dressed for work. Skirts and blouses, dress pants, that kind of thing. Never revealing, that isn't me.

One advantage to the aging process is that you care much less about what others think, and tend to find yourself. It's not about attracting others, but more feeling comfortable in your own world.  You know what you like, but more important- you also know what you DON'T like.

I tend to think about clothes maybe twice a year. Autumn and Spring.  I am happy to notice that there are more options for the more well-seasoned individual (over 18).  All those magazines and things are geared for the young. I am totally fine with that.  They're not geared to my age group, and besides we're past all of that.

Lately I am sort of pleased to see the leggings/tunic combo coming back. Sort of- because what I notice is that alot of women don't seem to understand that leggings are an undergarment meant to have the derriere COVERED by a longer skirt or tunic.  No one really wants to see your lumps and bumps (cottage-cheese ass) or panty lines.  Unless you're my daughter, but even she doesn't. Skinny jeans, same thing- they don't flatter. Unless you're 12.

My friend introduced me to Gudrun. Gudrun Sjoden is from Sweden, and her clothes can be worn by pretty much anyone. I love the colours and sense of artiness. If I had money I would buy all my clothes from her. But I do have a few genuine Gudruns:
I bought this a few seasons ago and haven't worn it- it the "Jane" dress, after Jane Morris, wife of William.  I am looking for some purple leggings and I am wearing it. Red isn't usually my colour, but this was meant to be mine.  I also have a blue tunic that I have worn quite a bit, and have blue striped witchy-poo leggings that go with it.

This past summer, in Oakville, my clever friend also came across a shop that sells European linen, and we fell hard- especially for the linen dresses and tunics. 
I have a frigging closet full. When they went on sale at 50% off, I lost it.

So other than that, I refuse to give up my denim skirts, Henley waffle tops, and even my overalls (dungarees) which currently don't fit me. Boyfriend jeans are a staple.   I have a couple of L.L. Bean Barn coats, some classic wellies and penny-loafers. And don't forget the Birks- I live in them.  But if it isn't comfortable, it won't make it.
Classic, casual and comfortable.  If the retailers think that us over 30's (40's, 50's...) don't make up a huge percentage of the clothes-buying public- they're way off. And judging by the dearth of good clothes out there that don't cost the earth, somebody is sure missing the boat.

I was interested to find out that there is a name for it- "Lagenlook" which in German means "layered look".  Look here, and here 

Are you on Instagram?  I just joined, more to post cat pictures for myself (like I need more of those..). But you will notice some trends, and lately, this has been making the rounds:
It's called "Granny Chic"- and I love how one witty lady said: "but what will it look like on an actual granny?".  Simplicity isn't readily available here, but thanks to the interwebs, it's on it's way here as I type.  A visit to the fabric shop, my new serger and I now have the wherewithall.

I picked these up on a recent trip to Stratford. They're by a company called "Quail"- and I would kill for the Toggenburg goat creamer.
In Clawdie-Bobo news, he has doubled in size. He likes to lay in my lap while I type, so is a bit of a Klingon.  It's ok, I loves him.

Fleecin' out until next time.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Country Mouse, City Mouse

The 10 on Tuesday prompt last week was 10 things you like about the city/country.  I can't come up with 10 so how about 5 of each and that takes care of the coming Tuesday as well.

City mouse:
1. The iconic Toronto Streetcar.  The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) includes the subway, buses, as well as the streetcars.  I am old enough to remember the classic ones, which can sometimes still be seen in out-of-the-way places.
They were so cool.
This is what you will see now.  However, they are being phased out for these:
Aren't they ugly?  They have lots of problems too. Newer isn't always better.

2. Toronto has distinct districts- the Annex, Swansea, the Junction, Leaside, the Beach, Leslieville, Queen West, Liberty Village, Parkdale.... the list goes on. I am more familiar with the west end, I grew up in areas around High Park.  There are some cool neighborhoods- like Church-Wellesley and Kensington Market. 

3. Ethnic diversity is a hallmark of Toronto.  Any kind of food you can possibly imagine is available here, and you'll get good and cheap, as well as high end and pricey.

4. Shopping.  Toronto has alot of malls, as well as shopping districts.

5. I haven't mentioned the city of Mississauga, although that is the city I live in.  Toronto will always be my home, but like most people I can neither afford to live there, nor do I really want to.  Things have really changed, and there are so many condos going up, you almost can't recognize it anymore.

Country Mouse

1. We lived in a rural village for a brief time.  You can see the stars at night because there is no light pollution. (yes, that is a thing).

2. I made some good friends, and am still in touch with one, though she no longer lives in the area.

3. It snows alot, and I love snow.

4. Lots of animals you don't really see in the burbs.  Though foxes and rabbits are here now.

5. Fresh air and less noise and traffic.

There are pros and cons to both, so we compromised and live in a suburban area.  I can pretty much get to what I need and I am near the waterfront, so it's all good.

On the knitting front, I have made a few gifts:
This bunny is for a friend- guess I've blown the surprise if she's reading this.
Little Cotton Rabbits (see sidebar) came out with a kitty pattern, and a certain Miss Mew is having a birthday at the end of the month.  This design is wonderful, but getting the muzzle right is a bit tricky.
I have finished this squirrel cross stitch finally. It is the companion to the rabbit one:
I will have them both framed when I get a sugar daddy.
Me and the little guy. We are having so much fun with Clawed. Why can't they be this age forever?

Fleece out.