Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Can Do With Blueberries

Mmmmm. Blueberries. Ontario has wild blueberries, which are much different from the cultivated ones.

1. In yogurt.
2. I mix them with raspberries and blackberries and eat them in a bowl.
3. Jam- never made it, but some people love it.
4. Pancakes.
5. Add them to quickbreads.
6. My favorite way is muffins. THIS recipe is close to the one I use, which calls for mashing some of them into the batter. The secret is the sugar/nutmeg (fresh ground) topping which is heaven.

That's all I've got. The heat must be getting to me.
I'm so excited. This lady was featured on the series "The Dales", and when we first met her she had 5 children (I think). She is now the mother of 7, living on a remote farm and she and her husband breed champion Swaledale sheep. This book is brand new, and I can't wait to read about her life in Yorkshire.

The Tour de Fleece has finished. That's my Frankenstein Polwarth all wash and ready to go. While I didn't spin alot in terms of volume, I did have fun with the Fat Cat group on Ravelry, who are so creative and inspirational.  There's always next year, n'cest pas?
Tino seemed happy with the spinning as well.
On Sunday, we went to Stratford, Ontario. Yes there is a river, and yes there is theater. We were there for some shopping and ice cream.
There's this soft-serve place that you can get your cone dipped in flavours- I had vanilla dipped in Cotton Candy, FC had Cherry, and Miss Mew had chocolate dipped in Peanut butter. Yum!
Clawed is growing exponentially, and has fallen in the bathtub, with me in it.  He is fascinated with my I-pod, and I am teaching him the finer point of Euchre 3D.
All those rules have tired him out.

Stay cool, and  fleece out.


Gale Bulkley said...

If things were fine in kitty land here, I'd be tempted to ask for Clawed. He seems so cool, playing euchre and all.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I can't eat blueberries... once when I was about 3, I had blueberry cheesecake and immediately threw it all up - haven't been able to eat a blueberry since. Too bad, because I love all other berries!

I love you Frankenstein yarn - just gorgeous.

My cat rocky has fallen in the tub.. with me in it... several times. Never deters him from playing lifeguard though...

Chris said...

Mmm, blueberry muffins! My brother and SIL will be bringing me some wild blueberries back from their cabin in northern MN soon.

LOL - May managed to fall into the shower with me once - from the top. I WAS VERY SURPRISED.

elns said...

Super fun post. I'm obsessed with making blueberry crumb cake. (Smitten Kitchen's recipe) Not sure how many I have made this past year, but if there was an occasion to bring a cake, that's what came with me, ha!

Love the TDF Frankenstein photo and of course Clawed! Never heard of flavored dipped ice creams like that, but whoa, sounds good and fun!

Nicole said...

Yum, blueberries! I haven't made jam either, but I have eaten commercial blueberry jam, and it's pretty good. Makes a great filling for thumbprint cookies.

I totally missed the Tour de Fleece this year. Oops! Next year, I guess.

mrspao said...

Clawed is very cute! I also love blueberries :)