Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Can Do With Blueberries

Mmmmm. Blueberries. Ontario has wild blueberries, which are much different from the cultivated ones.

1. In yogurt.
2. I mix them with raspberries and blackberries and eat them in a bowl.
3. Jam- never made it, but some people love it.
4. Pancakes.
5. Add them to quickbreads.
6. My favorite way is muffins. THIS recipe is close to the one I use, which calls for mashing some of them into the batter. The secret is the sugar/nutmeg (fresh ground) topping which is heaven.

That's all I've got. The heat must be getting to me.
I'm so excited. This lady was featured on the series "The Dales", and when we first met her she had 5 children (I think). She is now the mother of 7, living on a remote farm and she and her husband breed champion Swaledale sheep. This book is brand new, and I can't wait to read about her life in Yorkshire.

The Tour de Fleece has finished. That's my Frankenstein Polwarth all wash and ready to go. While I didn't spin alot in terms of volume, I did have fun with the Fat Cat group on Ravelry, who are so creative and inspirational.  There's always next year, n'cest pas?
Tino seemed happy with the spinning as well.
On Sunday, we went to Stratford, Ontario. Yes there is a river, and yes there is theater. We were there for some shopping and ice cream.
There's this soft-serve place that you can get your cone dipped in flavours- I had vanilla dipped in Cotton Candy, FC had Cherry, and Miss Mew had chocolate dipped in Peanut butter. Yum!
Clawed is growing exponentially, and has fallen in the bathtub, with me in it.  He is fascinated with my I-pod, and I am teaching him the finer point of Euchre 3D.
All those rules have tired him out.

Stay cool, and  fleece out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Ice Cream Flavours

Ice cream- mmmmmmmmm!

1. Baskin-Robbins Daquiri Ice.

2. Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey.

3. Ben & Jerry's Bovinity Divinity- little chocolate cows in it.

4. Honeydew Melon- there was an old General store that used to have it.

5. Dairy Queen soft serve.

6. In England they have soft serve and you can get a big stick of chocolate called a "Flake" in it. Best thing ever, and I have no idea why we don't have it here.

7. Any Bordeaux cherry that has massive cherries in it.

8. Rolo Ice Cream- has mini Rolos in it.

9. Baskin-Robbins Lemon Mousse Royale- very creamy.

10. A really good vanilla with vanilla bean flecks in it- like Haagen Daaz. (Hoggen Doggin)

 I have been motoring along for Tour De Fleece, and have spun several bobbins. I did a crummy 3 ply, and this picture is Polwarth in the "Frankenstein" colour.  So far, so good.

I have frogged a sock several times and have finally settled on a pattern that I can live with. It's been really humid here for the past couple of days, which contributes to my grumpiness.  Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't complain- it just slipped out......
I don't collect Lego, despite having a ton of it in the basement, but I thought this Crazy Cat Lady from the movie was so apropo.

I picked up this cabinet for my dining room- I needed something small to put in there- now to hunt down a small lamp. It was originally used to put a bowl and pitcher, as well as a towel on the rack, in a bedroom.  FC put new knobs on it- I like it.

Tino likes to nap on the windowsill in the sun.....
....while Clawed thinks that he gets fed every time I go in the kitchen. That is Howard's tail behind him.

It's a banner week because Dr. Phil has all new episodes on-

Fleece out.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ten On Tuesday-10 Favorite Things to Do On a Summer Staycation

Is it Tuesday already?

1. Enjoy time in the backyard. FC refurbished the pond and now we have a nice spot with a Muskoka chair, and it's just like having my own dock on a lake.
2. Since it's Tour de Fleece, I am spinning and challenging myself with personal spinning goals. I have spun 4 oz every day since Saturday.

3. Go window shopping, Bloor Street West or downtown Oakville is good.

4. Day trips- Stratford, St. Jacobs or Niagara area.

5. Watch a whole series- past years have been Seinfeld, The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours- this year is Breaking Bad.  I may watch Sons of Anarchy again, but the ending really upset me.

6. Plan my knitting project strategy.

7. Read some new books. This has been a problem because there is less than nothing in the bookstores, and I can't stand "Summer Reading" schmaltz.  I just ordered a whackload of books from Awesome.

8. Clean up the basement- an ongoing thing.

9. Do some sewing.

10. Just relax and listen to the birds.

This is pretty much what is happening.  Summer isn't always my favorite time, but this year hasn't been too bad in terms of heat and humidity.  I can only hope it continues.

Clawed is growing so fast.  He likes to play with the big guys, but not always on their terms.  Pretty soon it will be a level playing field.

Tino and Howard aren't sure how a third guy is going to fit on the windowsill.
Fleecin' and fishin' out.