Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Summer Projects List

I don't care for that term "Bucket" list- which suggests to me, "STUFF I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE"- kind of morbid, and while I certainly don't plan of leaving this earthly plain anytime too soon, we all know that when you're number is up, what can you really do about it?

So, I prefer "My life enhancing list" or maybe "List of things that will bring joy" - I think it's just a nicer way of putting it.

1. Sew and put up new kitchen curtains. I got some really beautiful heavy cotton with Roosters on it, with a gold background. I also plan to add some black gingham somehow, because my house is kind of country- but with-it. I don't like kitsch, but I do adore anything with farm animals, but it needs to be done in a tasteful way.  I think the gold will add warmth and the rooster colours are happy.

2. Spin for Tour-de-Fleece. I'm all good to go, and hope to have some great handspun yarns for making gifts.

3. Plant a small Gnome garden. Maybe a fairy garden. Something with sparkly lights.

4. Dye some fibre and sock yarn.
5. Knit on my Whitby Gansey. The yarn is here.

6. Do some day-trips. Maybe just go walk along Lake Ontario.

7. A new exhibit at the ROM, Pompeii, the Shadow of the Volcano.  Looks totally cool and interesting.

8. Enjoy sitting on the patio, which I don't think I did once last year.

9. Finish an autumn-themed cross stitch and have it framed.

10. Hate to rush the seasons, but if it gets hot, I'll sure be looking forward to cooler weather.

So that's about it.  I have no vacation plans or anything.  The house tends to eat up time (and money) but I really feel it's our biggest investment, and needs to be maintained and/or improved.  I really love decorating and stuff like that.

How about you guys- any plans and hopes for Summer 2015?

This years peonies- before the sonny-o ran over them with the lawnmower.


Gale Bulkley said...

Ooooh I made a sweater with that yarn before - an Alice St*** thing. It was beautiful and wore like iron. That colour is beautiful.

Happy sewing - the roosters are a lot of fun.

Bridget said...

I like your list, mostly because it is a happy and reasonable one, without being all about how much you love hot weather. ;-)

I love that material, and hope that once you get the curtains made, you'll post a picture.

EdeeMarla said...

My peonies are the same colour as your!..so...day trip....Port Dover is calling....long overdue visit is a must...come!

Chris said...

Oh, a gnome garden sounds great! I encounter some gnome/fairy gardens when I'm out walking and they always make me smile.