Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ten On Tuesday-10 Favorite TV Fathers

You know, I have thought about this and I really can't think of 10. Here are a few:
1. The Courtship of Eddie's father, with Bill Bixby. I thought, back in the day, he was just terrific.

2. Herman Munster- loved that guy.

3. Ward Cleaver- though he always scared me when Beaver had to go into his den. Because you just knew the kid was going to get it.

4. Dick Van Dyke- though you didn't see much of Richie.

5. Robert  Reed as Mike Brady. Dig that cool hairdo.

And yes, I did grow up in the '60's and '70's. Any of the recent tv fathers are pretty dumb, especially that Alan Harper- the only reason I would watch Two and A Half Men is for the kid, who is funny. And I left out Bill Cosby- though I did like Fat Albert.  I have to tell you, my own father was NOTHING like any of these guys. He was more the Archie Bunker type.

The big news this week is that the kitten is here. Clawed is the sweetest baby ever, and Tino has been a rock star, playing with him and showing no jealousy. Howard will take a bit more time, because he's hissing a bit, but the good news is that the big guys are getting more wet food because whatever is in the Royal Canin kitten is irresistable.  I'm going to have to find a more economical option because this little fella goes through almost a whole can in a day- plus kibbles. I have nicknamed him "Bobo".

I have also finished the kitchen curtains- really brightens up the room.  I don't know what this obsession with poultry is.

I have a sock finished for FC- and will finish the next one.

I am done plying the Honeybee BFL.

Other than that, the weather has been pretty good, no complaints there.

Fleece out- and purrs from Howard, Tino and Clawed.


Chris said...

Hi, Clawed! :D

Your "fathers" list is definitely eclectic. I just have never watched a ton of tv, but I did eventually come up with Commander Sisko of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Bridget said...

Ah yes, Herman Munster - always a fave!

Oh the curtains are lovely, nice job.

That kitten is adorable. I'm glad the others are not freaking out. You can just never really predict what cats will or will not do.

That yarn is just gorgeous!