Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ten On Tuesday-10 Things You Need To Do and Stop Procrastinating

I am not a putter-offer.  So maybe I may not make it to ten.

1. Take Howard and Valentino for shots (did that this morning).

2. Make out a will. ( I hate the thought....)

3. Make out a budget to pay off the mortgage quicker.

4. Clean out the crawlspace.

5. Do a purge in the kitchen- too much clutter.

6. I have a pair of pants and a skirt cut out that I need to sew.

7. The rest is FC's domain, and his list is long. (buy a lawnmower, paint the front porch floor, clean out the garage, install the new front door.......)

And that's it.  This week I had a bit of a spinning meltdown, and I decided in the space of 10 seconds that I needed to:

a) sell all my wheels
b) sell all my fiber and fleeces
c) go upstairs and shave my head

Because self-mutilation solves everything.  We all know that.
It's okay now.  I am spinning a sweater quantity of Three Waters Farm BFL in "Honeybee" and MaryAnn is dying another few braids.  If you have been spinning a while, it becomes easier to spin finer diameter singles, and when you try to go back to doing worsted/dk weights, not so simple. So I had to adjust my wheel tension and faff around, and I really dislike FAFFING AROUND!!!!!!

I began a new project, the Stripe Study, which was fine, but I am totally bored and will only be doing 9 repeats instead of 12.  I like the smaller shoulder shawls better, and I am really tired of this now.

So, what is everyone working on?  Anything exciting that I should know about?  I am in serious need of some inspiration.

Tino is kind of angry with me for putting him in a carrier and into the car.  They both howled all the way there and all the way back.  But.....my vet always kisses them.  He's wonderful.

Fleece out until next time.


Gale NoName said...

Keep that beautiful hair! I had a cat, Idgie, that used to hate the vet so much he had to be tranquilised to go. Even in a so-drugged-he-had-to-be-carried state he could cut through a pair of gauntlets. Poor vet. Poor, poor kitty.

Nicole said...

#1 in my stop procrastinating list this week is to visit my blog roll... Can you tell? ;)

I love the fiber you're spinning up! So lovely.

Chris said...

Whew! Glad you didn't shave your head! O.O

I procrastinate about keeping up with the blogs I follow... as evidenced by this comment a week late. It only happens with blogs I want to comment on: "Oh, I'm on my tablet/phone - I'll save this for later so I can actually comment easily." Later, later, is always a day away... or something like that.