Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Mexican Foods

Happy Cinquo de Mayo- this list is going to be pretty short.

1. Nachos and salsa.

There. That's it.  I think what we North Americans believe is Mexican food is really Tex-Mex, or Cal-Mex.  I don't think authentic Mexican cuisine is nachos and burritos.  I have been to Mexico, and they don't really have that stuff.  They also like everything fairly spicy, even their pizza, so I don't go for that.  They put jalapenos in everything.

In other news, our weather here is definitely springlike, and I even have dandelions on the lawn. Today I am packing away all the winter clothes, but I will keep a few light sweaters out, just in case.

The back bedroom has been painted, as has my wall in the kitchen. It is no longer Jack-O-Lantern orange, but matches the other 3 walls, Classic Taupe. I'm not really a "feature wall" kind of person, and it was starting to annoy me.

I have been busy doing projects.
I made some project bags with sewing themed fabric.  Notice Baby and Ralph in the background.
Blocked the shawl from hell.....
...finished this Baa-ble hat out of leftover handspun.....
...began a new project, Stripe Study.......
...and opened the windows so the boys could get some good birding time in.  The Robins are driving them crazy.

Fleece out until next week.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm not big on Mexican (or Tex-Mex) either... but I do like fajitas (but only with chicken and cheese and a tiny bit of hot sauce...no veg thankyouverymuch!)

My cats have been going crazy since the weather warmed up. All they want is to be outside!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

I'll say you've been busy! I need to paint too but I just can't seem to get in the mood. Hopefully once it gets hot I'll want to stay inside and then, with a nice breeze through the windows and good light I'll feel like it. Hopefully!

Gale NoName said...

I love it all. Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex and Mexican. Someone said it's going to be 28C on the weekend. Crazy.

Chris said...

I'm partial to New Mexican (from New Mexico), which is different from TexMex. :)

Wow, you have been BUSY!! :)

mrspao said...

Your projects are gorgeous! :) As are those kitties!