Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Days

Hey again- it seems we're finally getting some warmer weather. It does feel more like May now, although we're almost in June.  Can you believe it?

We had a great day out on Saturday at Christie's Antique show.  This is twice a year, and as far as it goes, is one of the better local places to go for antiques. Again, you need to be educated about what you're buying, as technically, to qualify, an antique is 100 years old, unless it's a car.  To get by this, many vendors sell collectibles, which can qualify as TAT.  Still, there's alot to see, and the weather was perfect.
Neither of these is antique, but I got a cutlery tray, and a porcelain glove hand.  There were some baskets and things, but I am careful about what I buy.  Vendors weren't so willing to bargain either.

I spent the majority of Sunday weeding, and planting.  My rose bush didn't make it, but my clematis is growing great. I may have some blooms.  We have to overhaul the pond, as the liner has a leak- and I am adding some Sandcherry and things to fill in some holes.  I got lots of lavender too.

I have finished my Stripe Study- not really much to be said about it, except I love knitting with handspun.
I made a Photosynthesis shawl, which has been in my Ravelry queue since forever.  This is in my favorite laceweight, from Kim at The Woolen Rabbit..This is in Whisper which she doesn't carry anymore, and the colour is Iris- lime green with shades of purple.  There's also a whackload of lime rainbow seed beads added.  I really liked this pattern, and I love most things with leaves- so I'm happy with this.
I've spun several bobbins of Three Waters Farm BFL in "Honeybee".  This will be enough for a sweater. 
Speaking of spinning, the 2015 Tour De Fleece starts on July 4-26, the same days as the Tour De France.  I am on Team Fat Cat again, and I just love the challenge and seeing the beautiful spinning everyone does.

The guys are exhausted from being in the window, and not liking that black cat that lays in the backyard and stares at them.  They don't mind Mr. Rabbit, but that cat has to GO.

Fleece out.


Gale NoName said...

Your stripe study is beautiful, as is the photosynthesis. I am not a fan of this change to warmer weather. It feels like it's straight into air conditioning season from heating season. Wah.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've always wanted to get out to that antique show, but I just never have! Have to put it on the list for next year.
Love your photosynthesis shawl - that ones been on my list for a while!

Chris said...

Pretty shawls!!

Boo to the stalker!kitty in the yard! :(

And you must be having very different weather than we are - it's rainy and 12.7C right now. It rained ALL DAY. And parts of the previous three days.