Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Days

Hey again- it seems we're finally getting some warmer weather. It does feel more like May now, although we're almost in June.  Can you believe it?

We had a great day out on Saturday at Christie's Antique show.  This is twice a year, and as far as it goes, is one of the better local places to go for antiques. Again, you need to be educated about what you're buying, as technically, to qualify, an antique is 100 years old, unless it's a car.  To get by this, many vendors sell collectibles, which can qualify as TAT.  Still, there's alot to see, and the weather was perfect.
Neither of these is antique, but I got a cutlery tray, and a porcelain glove hand.  There were some baskets and things, but I am careful about what I buy.  Vendors weren't so willing to bargain either.

I spent the majority of Sunday weeding, and planting.  My rose bush didn't make it, but my clematis is growing great. I may have some blooms.  We have to overhaul the pond, as the liner has a leak- and I am adding some Sandcherry and things to fill in some holes.  I got lots of lavender too.

I have finished my Stripe Study- not really much to be said about it, except I love knitting with handspun.
I made a Photosynthesis shawl, which has been in my Ravelry queue since forever.  This is in my favorite laceweight, from Kim at The Woolen Rabbit..This is in Whisper which she doesn't carry anymore, and the colour is Iris- lime green with shades of purple.  There's also a whackload of lime rainbow seed beads added.  I really liked this pattern, and I love most things with leaves- so I'm happy with this.
I've spun several bobbins of Three Waters Farm BFL in "Honeybee".  This will be enough for a sweater. 
Speaking of spinning, the 2015 Tour De Fleece starts on July 4-26, the same days as the Tour De France.  I am on Team Fat Cat again, and I just love the challenge and seeing the beautiful spinning everyone does.

The guys are exhausted from being in the window, and not liking that black cat that lays in the backyard and stares at them.  They don't mind Mr. Rabbit, but that cat has to GO.

Fleece out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ten On Tuesday-10 Things You Need To Do and Stop Procrastinating

I am not a putter-offer.  So maybe I may not make it to ten.

1. Take Howard and Valentino for shots (did that this morning).

2. Make out a will. ( I hate the thought....)

3. Make out a budget to pay off the mortgage quicker.

4. Clean out the crawlspace.

5. Do a purge in the kitchen- too much clutter.

6. I have a pair of pants and a skirt cut out that I need to sew.

7. The rest is FC's domain, and his list is long. (buy a lawnmower, paint the front porch floor, clean out the garage, install the new front door.......)

And that's it.  This week I had a bit of a spinning meltdown, and I decided in the space of 10 seconds that I needed to:

a) sell all my wheels
b) sell all my fiber and fleeces
c) go upstairs and shave my head

Because self-mutilation solves everything.  We all know that.
It's okay now.  I am spinning a sweater quantity of Three Waters Farm BFL in "Honeybee" and MaryAnn is dying another few braids.  If you have been spinning a while, it becomes easier to spin finer diameter singles, and when you try to go back to doing worsted/dk weights, not so simple. So I had to adjust my wheel tension and faff around, and I really dislike FAFFING AROUND!!!!!!

I began a new project, the Stripe Study, which was fine, but I am totally bored and will only be doing 9 repeats instead of 12.  I like the smaller shoulder shawls better, and I am really tired of this now.

So, what is everyone working on?  Anything exciting that I should know about?  I am in serious need of some inspiration.

Tino is kind of angry with me for putting him in a carrier and into the car.  They both howled all the way there and all the way back.  But.....my vet always kisses them.  He's wonderful.

Fleece out until next time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Mexican Foods

Happy Cinquo de Mayo- this list is going to be pretty short.

1. Nachos and salsa.

There. That's it.  I think what we North Americans believe is Mexican food is really Tex-Mex, or Cal-Mex.  I don't think authentic Mexican cuisine is nachos and burritos.  I have been to Mexico, and they don't really have that stuff.  They also like everything fairly spicy, even their pizza, so I don't go for that.  They put jalapenos in everything.

In other news, our weather here is definitely springlike, and I even have dandelions on the lawn. Today I am packing away all the winter clothes, but I will keep a few light sweaters out, just in case.

The back bedroom has been painted, as has my wall in the kitchen. It is no longer Jack-O-Lantern orange, but matches the other 3 walls, Classic Taupe. I'm not really a "feature wall" kind of person, and it was starting to annoy me.

I have been busy doing projects.
I made some project bags with sewing themed fabric.  Notice Baby and Ralph in the background.
Blocked the shawl from hell.....
...finished this Baa-ble hat out of leftover handspun.....
...began a new project, Stripe Study.......
...and opened the windows so the boys could get some good birding time in.  The Robins are driving them crazy.

Fleece out until next week.