Monday, April 27, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things I Did Last Week

This is, you understand,  assuming I can even remember what I did last week.

1. Miss Mew's foster kitty had babies- 4 healthy kittens born to Ruthie, who is a rock star.
They are so cute I feel like crying- it's beyond adorable (we don't know if they're boys or girls.)

2. Baked some chocolate chip banana muffins (or was that the week before....?)

3. Helped out someone who found themselves up a certain creek sans a certain paddle, and was glad to do it.

4. Made a crock-pot dinner- that was really good and insanely simple.
1.Crock Pot 2. Sirloin Roast 3. Cut up onions, parsnips, potatoes and some carrots. 4. Can of tomato soup (I didn't add water or beef stock). Set for 6 hours, and Robert is your father's brother.  It even makes it's own gravy. 5. Happy FC.

5. Made a doctor's appointment (this is more of an accomplishment than you realize.)

6. Watched many episodes of Kenny Vs. Spenny, and laughed my head off.

7. Finished a knitting project of doom.  I will briefly explain after the list.

8. Made some calls on my new Smart Phone- I have always had a phone, but didn't text or blab on it. I can now do both.  The ringtone is a bleating sheep, and I ordered a case for it.  I have a big crush on Etsy.

9. Came to the conclusion that I am not really ready to have gray hair, and will be remedying this situation when FC gets home and he can do the back part.

10. Just about froze to death because it's so cold I cannot believe it.

See this? It does look like a yarn cake, but it is a representation of the 5th ring of knitters hell.  It began so well.  I have had the yarn for years, and it was in my Ravelry queue since forever.  It's called Hummingbird Charm- what's not to love? It's even a gradient with silk and cashmere- who could fail?

I spent more time ripping back and tinking than I spent knitting it. I'm not sure why, because the pattern isn't that difficult, just something I couldn't get the rhythm of.  The cast off bombed, and I had to redo it, but this time I did it from the front, that stretchy one, and ran out of yarn, having tossed the remains in the garbage.  I know.  Poor long-suffering FC braved the garbage, old weiners and all (smells just gross me out)- and it's done, albeit a little redolent of rotting Oscar Meyers.   I'll give it a soak, block it and find a victim to gift it to-if I can be that bloody-minded.

I hope you are getting a giggle out of this- because this is what happens in my life.  Pretty par for the course here.

This week will be better- fleece out.


Gale NoName said...

Such a sweet little kitten.

I think I am in love with FC.

Chris said...

That kitten!!!! Awww.

It's a shame that yarn is giving you so much trouble - it's GORGEOUS.

Welcome to smartphone land. One of the best things is always having a camera with you.

Bridget said...

Oh man - that leetle kitten! Sweetest thing ever.

I am getting my hair colored next week. I'm vain enough that until it is all/mostly gray, I don't like that it looks dirty with the gray coming in.

Jewel said...

Old Weiners. Ewwh. Just Ewwh.

mrspao said...

Oh what a beautiful kitten! It's a shame that yarn is being difficult - it is very pretty!

Nicole said...

That is beautiful yarn! Pity it turned out to be so evil.