Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- Tuesday But Not 10

I am not playing the 10 today as I can't think of  anyone, real or imagined, that I would invite to dinner right now.  Unless it's that cute Patrick Grant from The Great British Sewing Bee and he wears his kilt, like he did on the last program.  Gasp and swoon!!!!  He would be allowed.

We had the coldest February on record.  It went on for most of the month.  Someone asked me yesterday if I thought the snow was over.  Pffft- we often get snow in April.  But I have been busy around here.
Ta da! I have finished my handspun Gnarled Oaks cardigan.  It's blocked and has buttons. Done and dusted.  I used FatCat Knits BFL in Sugared Beets.

The only downside was these oak leaves.  Very clever, but fiddly.  Never mind, I will probably never do another one, but I can recommend the pattern.  Those are oak buttons from Etsy.

On Saturday we went to the TIFF Lightbox and saw an old Barbara Stanwyck film, The Lady Eve, on the big screen.  We parked at the subway and took the train downtown.  I have to say, the subway never really changes, does it?  Same old weirdoes, especially at night.  It was a good film and probably the first time I've been out in months.  I should probably do it more often.

A very bad boy who can't bear it if you aren't paying attention to him every second. Trying to spin, sew, knit- live- is hard around here. 

Ah well.  Fleecin'-


Gale NoName said...

Oh your new cardigan is lovely.
We have one of those bad girls who can't stand not to be the centre of the universe too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your cardigan looks lovely. I bought that pattern book when it came out just for that cardigan - I think it might have just bumped itself up the queue!

Kitty is a bad boy - but a handsome one - just look at those eyes!

Sel and Poivre said...

We've hit the Light Box a couple of times since Christmas and it really if fantastic isn't it?

As is that sweater! How particularly wonderful to spin all the yarn then to knit a gorgeous cardigan as you have!

BTW what a great name for that colourway - 'Sugared Beets".

Chris said...

The cardi is gorgeous! And I love the oak buttons touch.

All kitties are naughty, I swear - just in varying degrees.

mrspao said...

Stunning cardi - I bet you look amazing in it.

Sirius is very naughty and makes Tamyra look saintly.