Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Would Buy if You Had A Pot of Gold

Who's Irish and lives in your backyard?

Paddy O'Stone

I know that alot of people think about what they would do if they won the lottery, or came into some money. It kind of depends what sort of money we're talking about, doesn't it?  Sure, a few hundred would be nice, maybe a few thousand.  Alot of us think in terms of millions, so since this is 2015, and a million now buys you a detached house in Toronto- and not even a great one in a nice neighborhood, I'm guessing that the pot of gold has to be pretty big.  Let's play:

1. A Land Rover Defender.

2. A personal chef- there are some rules: they have to make low fat food that I like, and they shop, come in at a certain time, have everything ready and they don't talk to me.  Between 5:00 and 6:00 pm is arsenic hour around here, and I watch the news at 5:00. Oh and they have to clean up too.

3. Nice homes for my kids, sister and close friends.

4. A gardener, one who knows about plants and cuts grass and pulls weeds. 

5. Maybe a few Chesapeake Bay Retreivers:
My dream dog, which is larger than a Labrador (love those too) and has a curlier coat.  They are famous swimmers, and like Labradors, have the webbed feet, oily coat and otter tail.

6. Lots of money to the cat rescue.
Laura had some Ragdoll kittens- they went to good homes.
7. Trip to Germany, England, Scotland and maybe the Baltics.

8. A spending spree at Gudrun Sjoden.

9. Lots of money to Sick Childrens Hospital and Princess Margaret Cancer Center.

10. I think I'm exhausted having spent all that money.

Would I really be happier having all those things?  Not really.  But thinking about it can be fun sometimes.  And I do love animals.

Not much to report since last week. I did manage to figure out how to thread the new serger, and sort of figured out that if you don't have the lower looper thread OVER the upper looper, you're doomed. As I was cursing and swearing, I did wonder what kind of evil mind ever came up with the idea of such a convoluted plan, I think I've cracked it.

I raise a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea to you- for those that are Irish, or wish they were-



Gale NoName said...

Good list. The personal chef really appeals to me.

Chris said...

Feeding oneself is so much trouble. And you have other people there on top of it!!! o.O

mrspao said...

Come and visit me! :)