Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sewing and Knitting and Fiber-Oh MY!

For the first time, in weeks, we have temps above 0 C.  This, of course, brings on my headaches, because I am a barometer, and can predict these things.  I suspect, though, winter is not done with us yet, but it's nice not to have to wrap up like a mummy when you go out.

Why yes, I HAVE been out and about.  FC got me a very nice prezzie:
This is a 4 thread serger, or overlocker.  Once I figure out how to thread it (you don't have to, it has been pre-threaded) and use it, it means that I can make my own clothes using knits. To be honest, I am so tired of trying to buy clothes that I can wear at reasonable prices.  All my stores are gone, and it's insane to shop online as the duty and taxes are just stupid.  This will make it possible to buy really quality fabrics and finish them like store-bought.  This is the plan.
Miss Mew finished her "walk-away" dress- it's a vintage pattern that is still available, and as she is lucky enough to have a slim waist, and a figure that looks great in this silhouette (New Look)- I think she did a superb job.

I have also purchased some patterns that I know I will use alot- check out the Margot pants with the ties on them. Cute?  I got some 100% linen in a medium blue for those. I am really trying to stay away from black, unless it's for leggings.  The Gabby dress patten can be shortened as a tunic-y sort of thing, as well as a great loose dress for warmer weather.
There are more babies being added to the family, so yesterday while I was tidying up, I whipped off this large receiving blanket.
I also finished another pair of socks. These are Tadpoles (free pattern) done in BMFA Lightweight in Hobbit's Garden. I have come to the conclusion that Blue Moon, for the price, and the colours is really my favorite sock yarn.  In fact, I pretty much like everything I have ever knit from her stuff.
I have also been spinning- this is Fat Cat BFL in "Romanesque" which I have spun as a gradient.  The paler green is Bartlett.
And Tino is a little bit narked at me, as he thought that blankie might have been his.

Next time, Tino.

And we're fleecin' out.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

You've got a lot to keep you busy! I keep threatening to steal my Mom's serger (she hasn't touched it in years.) I have a really odd body shape (overgrown hourglass) and it's hard to find dresses that fit properly. It would be nice to make some

Chris said...

Oh yes, I know your headache pain - I have the barometer headache setting plus the allergen headache setting. Woe.

mrspao said...

Hope your headache is much better now.

I love the sewing bee and that Patrick Grant is very yummy! Miss Mew's walkaway dress is gorgeous.