Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cleaning Up The Act

So, it's Spring.  Alot of us are thinking about cleaning up, and it's something I think alot about, because it's what I do.  I grew up with a parent who practically sterilized our house, and if you sat down on something, she would smooth it over as soon as you got up. It was neurotic.

In my house, you will definitely find dustbunnies, and the odd cobweb.  But on whole, my dishes are done, my counters are clean, and the floors are swept.  But clutter, oh, the clutter. I am a knitter (spinner, sewist, needlepointer, cross-stitcher....) so I have alot of supplies.  However, they are organized and tidy and I do know exactly what I have.  The crawlspace, and the garage, not so much.  Those are not my domains.
Have you seen this book in the bookstore, or blogosphere? LIFE-CHANGING.  Who could resist?

I wish I did.  The author names her routine after herself.  If you follow her advice, it's simple: start in your closet, and take out every single item.  If you don't feel love and excitement about it, then it goes. This is the premise of the book.  Then you move on to other things (you're also advised not to store out-of-season clothes). 

(Rant coming on)- I like to be open-minded.  I read this, and my niece read it (I value her opinion).  We both came to the same conclusion.  Maybe if you live in Japan, and are restricted space-wise, I can see where this might be helpful.  But let's be honest. I live in a middle-class home, larger by Japanese standards, but not a mansion.  I accumulate. Human beings do.  We are programmed to buy- even if it's groceries (just try getting out of the store for under 100.00 bucks!)- and so, this book is way off the mark.  The author advocates laying folded clothes sideways in the drawer, which would cause all kinds of havoc when you actually try to remove something. 

By the time you have implemented the Kon-Mari (yes!) system, not only will you have conquered clutter, you will never have to do it again. You have arrived at a clutter free life, once and for all.  As I neared the end of the book, I came to the conclusion, well, she's deluded.

Life simply isn't lived that way.  And I don't care where you live, it isn't the reality.  So, like all the rest of us, have a Spring Clean, and put aside the things you no longer want, because guess what, it's GARAGE SALE season.

I think this book will be tossed on the pile-

Oh, and happy Spring.

I'm fleecin'.


Chris said...

LOL! Didn't you read my reviewette of it a month ago? You could've saved yourself some pain: "I read the first several chapters, then couldn't continue because the writing was so repetitive. Plus there doesn't seem to be anything in the book that you couldn't learn simply by reading all the chapter subheadings via "Look Inside!" on Amazon. And if you do that, you avoid all the repetition!"

Gale NoName said...

That happened in my house too.

Bridget said...

Our house is a lot like yours, it sounds like. And I do try to keep organized, but life is messy, so it is not as perfect a science as others might think.

RobinH said...

She doesn't think you should store out of season clothes?!!!! So what, it gets to summer and you should still wear your winter wool sweaters because you don't have any summer clothes any more? She must live somewhere that doesn't have seasons. Not to mention not have any hobbies. That's insane.

mrspao said...

I think I'll give this a miss! I'm a terrible one for accumulating!!