Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten On Tuesday. I Love......

This post won't be about people because those that I adore hopefully know who they are.  On with the list:

1. Walking outside when it's really windy.

2. Sleeping in- probably a guilty pleasure.

3. Thunder storms.

4. The satisfaction of a job well done.

5. Anyone who laughs and sees the funny side of things.

6. Reading in bed (with a cup of tea).

7. Knitting and spinning (duh)

8. Sparkly things.

9. Driving fast.

10. Cats and dogs.

I have finished my quilt- can you believe it?  It has been on the list of projects to finish since forever, and I will have a big reveal when the room upstairs is done.  I got a head and footboard on Kijiji, and need to frame some prints.  Then paint- and that will have to wait until it isn't so cold, as we have very little insulation in this house.  And that's another thing I love- having a mess and then putting it all back together.

I also finished the Fragile Heart  shawl- I used Colorshift yarn in the Crimson to Midnight gradient- and decided as I was knitting it, it had Miss Mew's name on it.  Red is her favorite, and I also used over a whole package of beads, so yeah, it was meant to be.  Another thing I love- Etsy.
Kinda nice, eh?  And- SPARKLY!

Valentino would like to wish everyone a wonderful St. Valentines day. He lets me play with his paws.  Do something you love.

Fleecin' out.


Gale NoName said...

At the moment there's a serious part of me that wants to be Laura. That shawl is so pretty.

Chris said...

Yay for finishing your quilt and the sparkly shawl! :)

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my that shawl is just the perfect Valentine's piece!

Nicole said...

Ooh, shiny things. Why did I manage to forget that when making my list? Also, I guess you're right and I didn't need to add the people I love to my list. They know they are loved. Oh well.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

the shawl is gorgeous!

My kitty Tux loves toe massages!

mrspao said...

Nice list :) Valentino's paws are rather pretty.

mrspao said...

Nice list :) Valentino's paws are rather pretty.