Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten On Tusday- 10 Kinds of Footwear

Huh?  10 kinds of footwear?  Ok, I'll play.  Though I'm not obsessed with shoes like some people are.

1. Hunter Wellingtons.
ok, let me qualify this. I had a pair of dark blue ones, but the issue was my calves were a little short of the mark, and I couldn't really bend my legs with them on. So, I gave them to Miss Mew, and got a pair of  Huntresses, which have a shorter shaft.  Mine are black, not shiny and I have the wellie socks.

2. I'm a knitter, and yes I do wear Birkenstocks.  Been wearing them for over 25 years. Arizonas, blue suede.

3. Laurentian Chief Moccasins- I live in them.  They are NOT for streetwear, and I like the deerhide. If you get the furry ones, they start to reek and your cat will live in them.

4. Uggs- Mine are full length, black suede with studs in them. They cost a fortune.

5. Halflingers- German made woolen clogs and slippers. I have the sheep slippers and some outside ones with leaves on them. They kind of go with everything, and heck, so what if they don't.

Won't be making it to 10, because I never wear shoes out, ever.  That's why I buy something a bit more expensive and not trendy because chances are, I'll be buried in them.

Being winter, we are catching up on some tv shows, Downton Abbey (a little boring...) and another which is amazing, Last Tango in Halifax.  This is about a couple who were friends in their teens, and fate had a hand in them not getting together. Fast forward 60 years, and surprise, they find each other on Facebook.  There are so many twists and turns to this, you really don't know what will happen next.  One of the lines in it, which I found wonderful-

Hobbies include: farting about and doing bugger all.

Some of my hobbies include quilting, and I am almost finished the eternal quilt of doom.
Yes, it is possible to do the machine quilting without a long arm machine, however, be prepared for alot of swearing and wrestling, and, well, other annoyances.
Tino only wants to help.

Fleece out.


Chris said...

Great quilt!!

All my shoes are some variation of Keens - Keen clogs and boots for the winter, Keen slides and sandals for the summer. Wildly unexciting.

Gale NoName said...

Tino does NOT want to help. He wants to cuddle up in that beautiful quilt...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I have a kitty who just loves to "help" me quilt. It's a good thing I don't do it that often...

Vicki said...

Shoes - I don't get them. I only own them so I don't cut my feet to hell on gravel. If you like British dramas, try Perfect Strangers. Not a fast mover but really good drama about a family reunion. We watch a lot of British dramas, I've got lots of suggestions.

Nicole said...

I've been learning the importance of expensive shoes. They don't hurt my feet when I wear them for long periods (assuming I buy the correct size, of course). I don't know how I ever managed to buy the cheap pairs when I was younger and not realize that they were trouble...