Saturday, October 18, 2014

Have a Nice Trip, See Ya Next Fall

Happy Saturday. I have a routine that doesn't change every Saturday. I get up (I do!), do the teeth and the  hair, feed the kittens, turn the heat lights on for the dragons, make tea, get dressed, start the laundry, sit down with my tea, read The Globe and do the crossword.  I love the crossword, and the Suduko. 

This weekend is a few things, Rhinebeck, Woodstock and my son's birthday.  He is going to see King Diamond tonight- we got him his ticket and some cash for a t-shirt.  I can't believe he is 26 today. My baby.

I will not be attending Rhinebeck, as I have been once and that was enough.  I will, however, be doing some spinning in the spirit of the festival-
This is some Into The Whirled BFL/Nylon in her "Rhinebeck" color. That's as close as I want to get.

I did indeed bring back some fibery goodness from Vermont a few weeks ago- some sparkly roving caught my eye- this reminded me of snow:
I also wanted some Cormo, and got some, but it's mixed with some other breeds, a bit random, but oh-so-soft:
I have been finishing some projects.  I have become majorly sidetracked by making these adorable animals from Little Cotton Rabbits (see sidebar).
This one was a gift for Miss Mew- cupcake bunny.
And this one is mine- I charted some carrots, and put them around her skirt.  She's getting a Piebald boyfriend, I'm just making his clothes, as this is a family blog, and there will be no NUDE rabbits.
I have just finished these- a free pattern on Ravelry, Opp/Att.  I am using this clever dyers Opposites Attract sock yarn.  How I managed to make 2 the same, I still can't figure out, but darned if I will be frogging.  Alot of fun, and I recommend this yarn.  Fun colours and fun pattern.
Tinnamon Toast Crunch has been a harrassant all week. I think he's afraid I am going to leave him again, and has been a klingon. 

Fleecin' out- have a great week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Happens In Vermont...

...stays in Vermont.  Because nothing much happens in Vermont.  That was on a t-shirt.  I didn't buy that one, but I got a few from the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival on Saturday.

We left early on Thursday morning and managed to bypass alot of the traffic on the 401.  I never look forward to this kind of drive because the 401 is BORING.  I like looking out the windows, and I tell you, there is very little to see.

After getting messed around in Quebec (quelle suprise!) we crossed at an odd little border station into Vermont.  You're also in New York state for about 2 minutes.

 The first thing you notice once on the highway are the Green Mountains. They're everywhere.

We stayed in White River Junction- a very random little place.  There are no really big cities there.  It's literally a 2 minute drive to New Hampshire- so if you're looking for big box stores, or a chain restaurant, you probably need to go there. We did eat at a local cafe, the Crossroads, and for under 10.00 we got a huge all-day breakfast with real Vermont maple syrup. Maple syrup is everywhere- a huge business in the state.

Friday we went to Manchester, after surviving the bus tour people at breakfast.  They were there from Nashville to look at the leaves.  FC asked if that will ever be us, on a "Making Memories" bus tour. Uh, no. This is high tourist season in October.

We did visit the Vermont Country Store.  It has a little covered bridge outside, which isn't real, and on our whole trip, we only saw one actual covered bridge. They are a little off the beaten tracks- and hard to find.

Tunbridge, Vermont is a small town with a general store, and it has a large fairgrounds where the festival was held. The people in Vermont, not just at the fair, are extremely welcoming and friendly.  And not because they want to sell you something- they take time to chat and ask where you're from and are truly interested.
 This sweet little Jacob sheep was for sale- 225.00 and I could have had a new lawn mower. And lots of fertilizer.
Goats are always funny- this one spied a blueberry muffin on the table.
These are the first Gotland sheep in Vermont, according to the owner. They're March lambs and were just adorable.
Alpaca whispering is one of my hobbies- being a camelid they can spit, but this one was friendly.
And on the way back we got a crappy pic from the car- an old covered bridge. Some of these are really old, and I would hesitate to drive through them.
The kittens were thrilled, as they got to sleep with their brother in his bed. 

Fleecin' out.