Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Favorite Stores

Now we're talkin'- though I am not the shopping fiend I used to be, I do love a good snoop- (I'm a browser on my mother's side)

1.  Has to be Say Tea.  I grew up in Bloor West, and I remember the first owner, who devoted a whole store to tea.  The original tin ceilings are there, as well as a beautiful display window with all manner of china, and high quality stuffed toys.  It went through a few changes over the years, and now the current owner has brought it back to it's original spirit, and it's better than ever.  My favorite tea is Blue Lady, but Monk's Blend and "Falling for Walnuts" are excellent. My Kingdom for Emma Bridgewater, and they let me know what's coming.

2. Williams-Sonoma.  I have a passion for beautiful kitchenware, as well as utensils and linens, but I will say that I only buy on sale, and you have to know when to hit (after the major holidays).

3. Roots.  Originators of the "earth shoe", they make the best exercise pants (not that I exercise) but high quality cottons and leathers.  They are not made in Canada, which is a huge disappointment (Russell Athletics and Tiger Brand were the makers) but still, it's what I live in.  Again, shop the outlets (Roots 1973 is slightly different) and the sales.

4. Sephora.  It's like a cosmetic wonderland, and I love Urban Decay and a newish brand of lipstick to me, Kat Von D (the scent is creme brulee)- my daughter and I lose our minds in there.

5. Eddie Bauer.  I am a slave to their Boyfriend jeans, as well as the flannel shirts.  I buy all FC's non work clothes here.

6. Romni Wools.  If you live in, or have heard of, Toronto, then this is the yarn lover's Mecca.  I buy my needles (Addi Rockets are a new favorite) as well as basic worsteds.  The bargain basement is not to be missed, because you just never know what you'll find.

7. Hudson's Bay.  Also known as "The Bay".  For some reason, Canadians don't do department stores well, and this is now owned by Americans.  But they still sell the iconic Fur Trader's blankets, but for sales on shoes and things, it's pretty good.  I do miss Eaton's and Simpsons.

8. I know it is supposed to be bricks and mortar stores, but the last three are for fiber purchases.
Fat Cat Knits- a spinners freakout online.  Ginny is a true dye artist, and pretty much anything you can dream up is there.

9. Three Waters Farm.  Love MaryAnn's colour sense, and there is always something new and exciting.

10. Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I have been a loyal customer for years, Socks That Rock and now I have tried the fiber.  She also does seasonal colorways which are amazing.

So that's about it.  Other than the grocery store, which I guess I live in, these are the stores I shop in.
If I come to your town, I would not be adverse to you showing me your favorites.

I made a series of Fox Isle hats, as I had alot of yarn leftover.
Alex calls Tino "Atinna the Hun" and he's not far off.

Fleece Out.


Gale NoName said...

I like Say Tea and Romni Wools too. Unfortunately, visits to both have been far too long ago.

Chris said...

Oh, I have fond memories of Romni Wools. :)

mrspao said...

Oooh lovely list :) Tino has really grown!