Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August, Die She Must

 August, die she must,
The autumn winds blow chilly and cold;
September I'll remember.
A love once new has now grown old.

"April, Come She Will"- Paul Simon

This may be a picture/link heavy post.  It's become hot and humid, and will be for the next few days.  I guess we had to get it at some point, but I was hoping we wouldn't have to turn on the a/c.  Oh well.

Miss Mew had her birthday, just a small get-together. Last year I made her the litter-box cake, which is probably just missing the acceptable taste-barrier, so this year, something different.
Kitty cupcakes. Jelly-tot noses and Swedish fish in the mouth. Chocolate, of course.
They were a hit with the Birthday girl.
We even had a visitor- I'm pretty sure it was a Baltimore Oriole.
On Saturday, we went to Black Creek Pioneer Village.
I haven't been there since I was in grade school- and for some reason, it seemed alot bigger, not smaller like you usually remember.  This is not an actual village, but the buildings are authentic, having been moved there from various places in Ontario.  There is a doctor's house, a weavers, tavern (they brew Black Creek Ale) a printing place with old presses, and the guides look like villagers.
One of the old looms was set-up for overshot weaving.  In the back is a warp swift.
They have a small flock of Border Leicester sheep- who seemed friendly.
She was very social- they shear, wash, dye and spin the fleeces.  There were several spinning wheels in and around the different buildings.  One place, a house, creeped me out so bad when I went upstairs, I was a bit shaken up.  Then one of the guides told me it freaked her out too.  Odd.

I am making a Fox doll.  This lady writes the most comprehensive patterns for various animals, and I got the Piebald (patchy) rabbit, as well as this lady fox.  Here's what the head looked like before somebody got it last night.  These are alot of work- intarsia and embroidery, but I like a challenge.  As I said, there is no guessing, the patterns are very well done.

I came across this blog- and have spent a while reading her archives.  It is pure delight to those of us who dream of keeping a small farm and spinners flock.  Her photography and photo captions are superb- and the baby pictures of her sheep Maisy were featured on Buzzfeed.  I have never seen a cuter lamb- but then they are all cute (PPPP- Popcorn Pee-Pee Pants and Chocula)- as well as cats and dogs.
I hope to get one of her calendars for 2015.

Valentino's head is upside down.  So far, no one is owning up to ravaging the fox head, but it has HOWARD written all over it.

Fleece out- and happy September!


Bridget said...

We had a pretty decent summer, and now that September has started, it's horribly hot and humid - what's that about?

I love visiting historical places, but I am intrigued by the place that creeped out you and one of the guides.

Poor fox head. :-(

Chris said...

Cute cupcakes!!

Oh oh, hopefully the fox was salvageable...

Sel and Poivre said...

Ahhh Pioneer Village. I've always had a thought to volunteer there to plant and maintain an actual vegetable garden. Every time I've been there it seems all the Pioneers ate was Rhubarb! ;)

Nicole said...

Oh no! Poor fox!