Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 On Tuesday- Ten Things You Do to Get Your Home Ready For Fall

I'm guessing this topic is for people who like to decorate seasonally.  I used to- but I never went as far as the wheat sheaves and hay bales.  I have a simple wreath on my front door.

1. I bake. After a hot summer (ok, not so hot but I don't bake in any month that doesn't have an "r" in it).
Pumpkin Pie bread.
2. Wash all mattress pads and duvets.  Vacuum and flip mattresses.
3. Wash outside windows- I did that yesterday.
4. Usually, begin a sweater.  I have started mine, Gnarled Oak Cardigan.
I am using handspun this year.
5. Plan Christmas gifts, but this year will be alot less.  I am only buying for the kinders and FC.
6. I am all booked for this year's wool event, being Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.
7. Clear out clothes- 2 large bags to Goodwill. Ahhhh!
8.  Buy a new lipstick- because, why not? New York Apple this time.
9. Clean out fridge and freezer. Turkeys will be on sale soon, and I need space. I took everything out of the fridge upstairs and washed down the shelves, and the bottom mount freezer. As well as the chest freezer downstairs.
10. Go for walks, and enjoy AUTUMN!!!!!!!
Spelt pear muffins- amazing.

I have finished my girl Fox, and she also has a cardigan to match her dress.
There is an opening in the back of the dress which is hysterical.  I'm pretty pleased with her.

The kittens are MIA this morning. Tino is probably upstairs by the bathroom door waiting for his hero Alex to get out of the shower. 

And today, I'm going to get Superworms for the dragons,  It's a full life.

Fleece out.


Nicole said...

I hear you on the decorating. I used to, too, but it makes so much more sense when you actually, you know, have people over...

Chris said...

Only in Months with an 'r' - I like that rule!

Cute Fox! :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love, love, love your fox!!!

What a nice blog. Can you add a "follow" button?