Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Week...and Dickie Darling

- is Laura's birthday, who is 23.  Where did the time go?
- the weather turned humid and horrible.
-but who cares because it's the end of August
- I finished a pair of handspun/handknit socks in BFL/Nylon
This yarn was spun during Tour de Fleece.  I have more yarn, and will make more socks.

On Sunday, sadly, Richard Attenborough passed away. Many people will know him as the Santa in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street, or the old gentleman in Jurassic Park, but I want to revisit some of his earlier and most interesting performances. This was a man who was incapable of a bad performance and could creep you out as well as make you laugh.

Brighton Rock-
 he played the hoodlum, Pinkie, in the movie adapted from the Graham Greene novel. I have not seen the remake, but this is a realistic thriller, and Hermione Badley also plays a great part.

The Angry Silence. A dark and disturbing look at Unions, and what can happen when you don't follow the crowd. Pier Angeli plays his wife, and there is a small part by a young Oliver Reed.
Seance on a Wet Afternoon. Notice the nose prosthesis- he plays Billy, a man who wants to please his demanding self-professed psychic wife, who devises a scheme to kidnap a child, so that she can "help" the authorities find her.  Thus gain notoriety.  It doesn't quite go to plan.
The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom.  Richard plays the part of Robert Blossom, a brassiere manufacturer whose bored wife (Shirley MacLaine) Harriet, hides her lover in the attic.  This is one of my all-time favorite films, because it's VERY '60's, the house is exquisite (on Howard's Lane in Putney)- her Zandra Rhodes costumes- and it's also very funny. Look for Bob Monkhouse (as the eccentric Psychiatrist), Barry Sullivan (Dame Edna) as well as Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth Bucket).  The New Vaudeville band at the party is simply hysterical.
James Booth plays Ambrose Tuttle, her lover. The fantasy scenes are the greatest, and oh, it's just a wonderful, feel good movie.
And lastly, 10 Rillington Place.
The true story of a psychopathic murderer, who, in the course of a series of murders, kills the wife and daughter of Timothy Evans, and sends Timothy to his death by hanging for something he didn't do. As creepy as this is, the film was actually filmed in Rillington Place before they tore it down.  That site- Reel Streets is a gold mine- click when you have a few hours to spend.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Richard Attenborough's performances, but some that I think are worthwhile. So sad to see "Dickie Darling" as he was known to friends, pass. He would have been 91 tomorrow.
Mrs. Blossom, wearing a giant paper flower.  Such style.

Have a great long weekend- I'll be fleecin'.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Perils of Boredom

It always happens at this time of the year. I don't exactly know why- but maybe it's years of being conditioned to new beginnings in September.  Not sure.  All I know is, I am bored, and that can be a dangerous thing.

I have always maintained that the dangerous people in the world are the ones who have not much else to do, and that's when trouble usually starts.  You notice it with teenagers and older people (of which I am neither).  Kids who have summer jobs, or a community center, or some kind of interest aren't normally the ones in trouble. With retired people, they cut the grass 3 times a week, and poke their snout into the neighbors trough, where it has no business being.  I mean, how much of "The Price Is Right" can a person endure before they go completely insane?

It's not that extreme for me.  I always have something that I need or want to do.  For example, I deep-cleaned the kitchen yesterday. Yes, cupboards, oven, drawers- now I can do some baking without having to move 20 things.  Conditions have to be right before I can enjoy the process.
Some of the collections are a bit crazy. I thought I had about a dozen Bridgewater mugs. It turns out I have 23. The cool thing is, she does limited editions, and very cleverly brings out new things. She is like a druglord- gateway mugs, and before you know what hit you, you've got teapots and butter dishes. It never ends.  Tea towels too- that's another one. Like crack. I look in Say Tea's window to get my fix.
I realized that I didn't show you my new Beswick sheep- my sister gave me the ram on the far right, but I scored the sheep family at an antique show. (I shouldn't go to these things as there is always something brought back.....). 

I have been knitting. Currently I am working on a Gnarled Oaks sweater. I originally spun this yarn for a shawl, but it's perfect for this pattern. So I spun up some more.

I am more than halfway up the body.
I made some bags that will hold a sweater's worth of yarn.  I have a boatload of bags, and am doing more.
As I am typing, I have a helper who is giving his thoughts on blog content.  He thinks it's time for a few changes.

Fleece out.