Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trouble With The Trees

There is unrest in the forest,
There is trouble with the trees,
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas.

Rush- "The Trees"

No 10 on Tuesday, as the subject is "10 Patterns You could Knit Again, and Again".  Well, apart from socks and mittens, I very rarely knit anything twice, so I don't have anything to contribute there.  However, I am planning a knitting project for early fall, and it ties into my subject.

My backyard is really beautiful- not that I am taking alot of credit.  I have an amazing hosta garden, and there is a pussywillow tree, as well as a shade garden, and a small pond.  Not huge, but manageable. There are also a couple of ash trees that have died, due to the insidious Emerald Ash Borer.  Kind of a pretty looking insect, isn't it?  It has destroyed the trees, many years old, and the only shade I have in the back.

By the time we knew what it was, it was too late.  There are only leaves on the ends of the branches, as this bug hollows out the tree from the inside, robbing it of moisture.  In order to save them, we would have had to do something about it last year- last year they looked healthy.
This is actually one tree- a split trunk.  I am a bit more upset than I am letting on.  I am not the only one- there are thousands of ash trees that have died in Toronto, a well as my neighbours trees.  True, it isn't the prettiest tree- I like maples and oaks (pretty much all trees except for those horrid locusts)- but they are large, and majestic, and provided shade.  Well, no more.  They have to come down before they fall down. This is costing alot, both in terms of money and beauty.

So, because Autumn is coming (oh yes it is!) I am going to make a Gnarled Oak cardigan.  I think I love planning and putting together a project almost as much as knitting it.  I have ordered some oak buttons from an Etsy seller*, and will be using this:
I have most of it spun up- it's Fat Cat Knits BFL, in her Sugared Beets colour. It's hard to see, but there are deep burgundies, hints of gold and even sage green. 
The pattern is in this book, and it's the same author of "Botanical Knits".  I love any patterns that have leaves in them, and I have a collection of shawl patterns that feature them, as well as suitable green yarns.  One day I may even knit one of them.
Mr. Tino is happy that Tour De Fleece is over, as he is feeling somewhat neglected.

Fleece out, and give a tree a hug.

* I ordered some Larch buttons too-


Gale NoName said...

Sorry about your trees. That's a lovely sweater you're planning.

Chris said...

So sorry to hear about your trees. Same thing is happening around here - fortunately, there aren't a lot of ash trees in my neighborhood, but some places have been hit hard.

What are you going to plant to replace them?! Something that grows pretty fast, like a linden/basswood?

mrspao said...

It so sad to hear about your trees.

I like the sound of your sweater. Tino is so handsome.

Nicole said...

Sorry to hear about the trees. :( But I love the idea of knitting a tree-inspired sweater! And that yarn looks lovely. Great job spinning it up!