Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So Much To Share

So the TdF is winding down. I have my last lot of singles to ply and I will be done. I think I will make some socks with this years yarn- but that may change.
 This is from my 2014 Fat Cat Club fiber, Hula and Bellydance plied together.
And this is BFL/Nylon Headpsin and Jitterbug.

I was sorting through my fiber stash and I decided that I would do a post about what fiber and dyers I like, and why I like them.  Four years ago, when I was a new spinner- I really had no idea what kind of things I wanted to spin, and who I should purchase from.  Not that I am an expert by any means, but I learned a thing or two since, and I wanted to share.  I am a sharer (no- not really)-

1. As you may have guessed because I'm on the TdF team, Fat Cat Knits, is my favorite dyer.  Ginny always has something new and exciting, and offers alot of bases. She also is wonderful and open to custom dying anything that you may dream up, as well as having an extensive choice of semi-solid colours.  Her Mixed Blessing clubs are wonderful, and usually have a theme.  I think this is where she excels- two colours that when plied become magic.  I have never been disappointed with anything I have got from her- and I have GOT ALOT.
Yes, that is one of Rubbermaids larger receptacles*- and this doesn't include what I have spun over the years.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting Ginny on a few occasions and she has a warped kind of humour that I love.

*what movie am I referencing? (it is one of our more modest receptacles...)

2. Next has to be Mary Ann at Three Waters Farm in North Carolina.  Again, always something new and exciting, and her colours are clear and vibrant.  I have ordered SQ's (sweater quantities) of her BFL and one is spun up.  She also works with Lynn Vogel and has exclusive colorways available.  If I won some money, and if there was any left over from buying Ginny out- I would head to Chapel Hill and do some damage.

3. This dyer I discovered early on, and I am in love with her presentation and colors. Into The Whirled,
(clever eh?) is from New York state, and I saw her booth at Rhinebeck (can't remember whether it was before or after the panic attack)- and she has become really successful. To the point where there is a waiting list to join her fiber club (classic and luxe).  I found a kind soul on Ravelry who sold me some of her past club colours, and I do buy the occasional braid.
I got these for a steal.  I want to hoard it all and roll in it.  (but I won't as it may matt the fibers).

4. This Etsy seller, Friends in Fiber is a very creative, as well as extremely nice. (Nice goes a long way in my playpen).  She does some unbelievable gradients, as well as some Autumn shades that I could certainly make room for.
5. This dyer has been around a while, and I am sure most spinners have some in their stash, or have spun with it. Woolgatherings  does some really innovative colorways, She doesn't however, name them, as many dyers do. She also sells exquisite undyed fibers, so if you are looking for a good place to start, you really can't go wrong here.
I am a fan of Polwarth and BFL.  Merino, not so much.

Next time, I will cover some other dyers that are not to be missed. This has all been in the interest of market research, and having a large stash is a public service. Ya.

I have been doing some knitting. I made another mousy.
This is Ice Princess Mousy.
This is before assembly. She has sparkly balls on her head.

I have started a Stripe Study shawl with my Georgian Bay Fiber BFL- and I was trying to think what the darker red pink reminded me of.

Remember those strawberry marshmallows? The kind that you can only eat a few of?

And I know you want a critter pic- this is my new pet bunny:
He's a baby that lives in the backyard.  I haven't seen his mummy, so I hope he isn't orphaned.

Ok- fleecin' until next time.

*answer- The Big Lebowski when they are arranging Donny's funeral.


Bridget said...

Lorraine - beautiful colors, I really think I need to learn to spin ...

LOVE the bunny!!

Gale NoName said...

Love the colours and I should take your advice and try some of these vendors.

Chris said...


So many lovely bright colors! :)

mrspao said...

Lovely colours and projects :)

Nicole said...

Love the colors, and love the bunny!

... and now I'm off to go shopping. I haven't spun ANYTHING by ANY of these dyers yet. Shocking, I know. But it can be remedied.