Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Don't Always Knit Socks, But When I Do......

No, it isn't Tuesday.  I have my car in at Volkswagon, and I am a bit nervous about how much it's going to cost. This may make a severe dent in my travel plans this summer. Oh well, I don't mind a staycation- gas prices are crazy, so maybe I won't need the car very much.

I cannot believe it's almost 6 years old.  My Rabbit has been trouble-free and I hope to have it until it bites the dust.  My dad used to keep his cars for around 10 years, but he was a contractor who used his station wagon as a tool chest/portable file drawer/and who knows what. You always had to wipe plaster dust off the seat, or worse, dodge copper pipe that ran back to front.

So, I've been busy. I have been sewing a ton:
I have added zipper pulls to the bags. Notice the wolf on the Red Riding Hood  one.
The little glass ghost on this one is so cute I can't stand it.
I don't always knit socks, but when I do, I like BMFA Socks that Rock- these are for FC.

I attended the last meeting of the DKC- soon to be known as The Toronto Knitters Guild.  There was a presentation by Diamond Yarns, and Westminster Fibers, distributors of Rowan.

They gave us a ball of yarn for Martin Storeys Mystery Afghan- which I think is done now.  I used to like Rowan before they were bought out, by Coats and I find, for the price point, it isn't always of a very high quality. The colours are nice (albeit discontinued at the end of the season). I know in Britain it is the popular brand, Liberty's sells it, but on the whole, the presentation is good, but be careful what you buy.

And I am gearing up for Tour de Fleece- I have some goals set, and am ready to motor. Or treadle, as the case may be.

Happy Solstice- and fleece out until next time


Gale NoName said...

Do you routinely go to DKC? Sometimes I do. Love the zipper pulls. Where are the cats?

Nicole said...

Agreed, I love BMFA. And those zipper pulls are so cute!