Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten on Tuesday Randomness

Ten Things You Did This Weekend-

Our long weekend was last weekend, but here are some things-

1. On Saturday, we went to Christie's Antique Show.  This is held twice a year, and is supposed to be all antiques, but I noticed some other stuff creeping in. Nevermind, it was a great day out, and I got a few things.
A pair of hand shears for sheep.  I hung them up on the fireplace.
A vegetable picking basket- ash, from New Brunswick.

2. FC dredged the pond-
He cut back all the ivy and creepers in the back. I get so excited every year to see the turtle and the fish pumps.

Teal toenails......

Spun some Wensleydale.

5.Got this for Mother's Day- it's called a Living Locket, and inside are the birthstones of us and the kids.  And a tree of life.  I really love it.
You can add or take out any of the charms.

6. Starting to plan my strategy for Tour de Fleece, which is where you spin every day of the Tour de France. 

7. Caught up on Mad Men- I will be really sad to see it end, because it's one of the only shows I watch.
8. Walked with my niece and Miss Mew in the park on Sunday.
9. Did grocery shopping- whoopee.
10. Hung clothes on the outdoor line for the first time this season.

Also, last week I met a fellow blog buddy- Sel & Poivre- and she is even nicer than I thought.  Marie, it was lovely to meet you, and I really hope our paths cross again.  Say hello to Hudson for me.

The kitties are enjoying the open windows, as it's hot and humid for the next few days. Tino is piked out.

Fleece out-

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten On Tuesday- 10 Things You Want to Try

This is interesting- at the beginning of this year I had decided that I would go out of my comfort zone, and do some things that were different. I don't think it's the things we DO that we regret, it's the ones we DON'T do.

1. I would like to join a knitting group- but it would have to be people that share my interests, or were dynamic and fun, and not just sit there moaning about their kids/spouse/family etc.

2. I would like to drive to the East Coast again, and go to Cape Breton.

3. I would also love to fly out to BC, rent a car, and drive around Vancouver Island.

4. Again, a road trip, but a convertible and the Pacific Coast Highway.

5. I want to see Cirque de Soliel.

6. Go to as many fibre festivals as I can.

7. Attend a fibre retreat- up north somewhere.  I love cottage country.  I would like a small cabin with a dock to sit on- that would be my idea of heaven.

8. I want to go to the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.

9. I want to grow my own vegetables-

10. I'd like to shear a sheep.

Nothing too ambitious.  I don't want to skydive, or climb Everest.

Fleece out, until next time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring is Springing (I think)

 Happy belated Mother's Day- including moms to furbabies.  I had a nice day, went for a long walk on Sunday and saw some friends.

The weather is wet and cold- and the icing on la patisserie is that I get to have a filling replaced later today.  Going to the dentist is one of my worst things, but then, having to wear false teeth would be so much worse- and I get nitrous, so not all bad.
These are the "Mind The Gap" socks by Trailing Clouds Yarns.  It's one of those situations where you have to catch her update, because it sells out really quickly.  These are alot of fun.
I finished my Rabbit cross stitch. I have another one that has a squirrel and pumpkins, so when I do that I will have them framed at the same time.  These have brass buttons in the corners.
I have been spinning a bit- and am trying some new fibers.  I have Wensleydale and Masham here.

Laura took this pic of Mr. Tino- he is handsome, but very naughty.

And Howard likes to chatter to the birds.

Pretty much business as usual.

Fleece out.