Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Colorful Coolness

I've been busy doing projects, but this morning I'm going outside to clean up the backyard.  It's something I always put off doing, but I like the garden to look clean and cared for. Truthfully, I am starting to see the sense of people who only have a postage stamp sized yarn, big enough for a bbq, and a few chairs.  But I meow about this every year, don't I?

I came across some new fibery knitterly things that are new to me.  I want to share because they are so cool:

 First up, some sock yarn- it's called "Mind The Gap" and is self-striping. It has all the colours of the stations of the London Underground. "Bing Bong- Mind The Gap"- have you ever been on the London Underground- it keeps going down and down and all the lines intersecting- pretty amazing.

 I have been known to knit socks- never anything noteworthy. I finished these, with some sock yarn I had in the stash.
Hazelknits Artisan in "Chuckanut Drive"- this pattern is Tadpoles- a freebie on Ravelry.

Just a diversion- Laura and I made soap. The sheep are lavender scented and lime.
I am TOTALLY excited to have discovered a new dyer- Georgian Bay Fibre Arts.  This is her "Rosseau Pumpkin" BFL top.  I have always been in love with anything to do with Northern Ontario- and she is in Parry Sound. I love everything about her colours and presentation- the tags are wood, and a photographer took some inspirational photos of the colorways- I can't say enough.
This is "Severn Forest Spruce" in her BFL/Nylon sock yarn.  Go and have a look and tell me you aren't tempted to add every single colour to your cart and giggle like a mad person.  I triple-dog dare you! Her link is in my sidebar- for future reference.

 My SIL and FN (favorite niece) brought some beautiful tulips over when they came to visit. Gorgeous.

And Howard likes to roll all over the floor with his crinkle toy.

Have a great week-


Gale NoName said...

You are right about those colourways.

Sel and Poivre said...

I'm so thrilled to hear your comments on that new dyer! I recently came across her too but haven't got it together to order anything. I'll be right near there all summer so I hope to drop in and see her whole collection!

Chris said...

Fun sock yarn! And those soaps turned out cute. :)