Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten On Tuesday- Love, Love, Love

Todays topic, in view of upcoming Valentine's Day is 10 Favorite things that are red.

1. Cherries (thanks Nicole)
2. Lipstick (my favorite MAC "Baby's On Fire") which is discontinued.  It has sparkles in it.
3. My new Hunter Boot socks are red.
4. Pomegranates.
5. Beets (purply-red)
6. My daughter's favourite colour is red.
7. FC's truck (NOT my favorite vehicle or colour)
O.P.I. Nail polish- "The Show Must Go On"- shimmery red sparkly!
9. Red Amaryllis
10. Dorothy's Red Shoes in The Wizard of Oz (sparkly!)

I don't personally wear alot of red, or indeed have it in my house. But in the right amounts, and if it's sparkly, I like it.

I am down with a mild chest infection (congestione) so am pretty much schlepping around, watching Judge Judy and Doctor Phil.  A sad state of affairs.
But I did finish my Fair Isle Cap, using the J&S Shetland Heritage yarn. It's finer than Jumpwe Weight, but you get clear patterning, as it isn't as hairy.  This is one of those caps that fold into itself so you have 4 layers over your ears.

The kittens wish you a lovely Valentine's day, especially Valentino. I'm not sure if he came to the foster home on Valentine's but we kept his name, because he suits it.



Bridget said...

Some reds are definitely better than others, in my opinion.

I truly love that hat - and how warm it must be, which would be fabulous around here right now ...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and the kitties and everyone else at your house!

mrspao said...

Hope you had a terrific Valentines's day. Sending you love from the UK. Love those reds.

Jewel said...

Love the hat!!

Nicole said...

I get the impression that you lingered sparkly stuff... And cherries. Cherries are always good.

Laura said...

Looks like someone baked you a Tino loaf for Valentine's Day :-)

Laura said...

Looks like someone baked you a Tino loaf for Valentine's Day :-)

sillyewe said...

Why is it that when we are sick we always revert to Judge Judy??? Hahahah I was off work for 5 days with the crud and I think I saw it every day. I was begging to go back to work by the end.......ok. Not really begging........I love reds!!!